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Orgasms ARE NOT Ejaculation

Orgasms ARE NOT Ejaculation

Orgasm vs. Ejaculation

One of the things a good cocktease knows is the difference between orgasm and ejaculation.  Despite what most men think, they aren’t the same!  As a male, you really don’t want to orgasm! You want to ejaculate.  It’s biological and hardwired into you by millions of years of evolution.  Ejaculation allows you to meet your biological goal to spray that seed everywhere!  Orgasm is just a fun, pleasurable by-product.  Orgasm happens in the biggest sex orgasm there is, the brain.

Ejaculation Is Momentary

Ejaculation is a physical process.  It’s when the muscles around your prostate and your urethra rhythmically contract and shoot out all that jizz.  Once it’s done, it’s over.  No matter how much post orgasm torment I dish out, until your body ‘resets’, you aren’t ejaculating again.  And, truth be told, you really don’t want to.  Your body has achieved what it needed to, so after ejaculation you are really no more fun for the cocktease. Sigh. You just want to get dressed and go about your day.

Orgasm Is So Much More Fun

Orgasm usually happens at the same time as ejaculation, and it’ supposed to.  If ejaculation wasn’t accompanied by the pleasure of orgasm, you’d just be like “Eh…whatever….” The thing is, orgasm stimulates all those muscles, so the trick for the Masturbatrix is to provide orgasm without ejaculation and turn those momentary releases into countless, interminable peaks of intense, whole body orgasms.  There are so many methods.  Edging of course (which is why so many men crave being edged) and ruined orgasms, where the orgasm occurs, but without powerful ejaculations leaving you feeling frustrated. Best part is, you stay very, very horny and aroused.  There’s also tantric masturbation, which can help in teaching men to become multi-orgasmic.

If you’re curious about any of these, and you really want to experience those intense multi-orgasmic sessions, give Ms. Delia a call!

Humiliated By Dildo

Humiliated By Dildo It’s So Much Bigger, Isn’t It?

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Why I Lock Up Sissies

Why I Lock Up Sissies Chastity Is Not A Punishment

I think there are many sissies, and even some Feminization Mistresses, who look upon chastity as some type of punishment.  The belief seems to be that we are locking away your sissy clit because it is a sissy clit.  If you weren’t a sissy, . . . → Read More: Why I Lock Up Sissies

Whore School Appearance

BDSM Lifestyle Discussion!

Last night, I made an appearance on Whore School, Mistress Harper’s SEXY and Sultry Cock Radio Show!

And it was not just me! Jack was in the house too! Oh what fun we had sharing secrets and answering questions from the chat room.

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Ms. Delia’s Valentine’s Day

Ms. Delia’s Valentine’s Day I Want You For Valentine’s Day

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