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Chastity Prostate Milking

Chastity Prostate Milking

Sometimes Balls Must Be Drained

I know when your cock is locked in chastity, it can feel desperate like you are walking a tightrope, a fine line between obeying and breaking free with desperation and ache.

Now, a cockteasing bitch like me gets you all worked up, and those balls start to ache.  All that teasing, all that denial.  It doesn’t stop your balls from churning away, producing even more cum, does it?  All that swelling leaves you with aching, blue balls.  Don’t worry though, Ms. Delia has just the thing.

Milk Out The Cum

You didn’t think I was going to let you jerk off until you spurted a big huge load, did you?  No, that’s not happening.  I like the way that cage looks locked on your dick, and I don’t want to spoil the effect.  I don’t want to spoil you either. Do I have you thinking that a case of blue balls is going to lead to release. No, my cock locked slut, we’re going to drain your balls with some prostate massage.

Drain Those Balls

We’ll start by sliding a butt plug up your ass.  Just the right size, so it nestles against your prostate.  I’ll bet that feels good, but just wait.  I’m going to grab my Hitachi Magic Wand, and put it just below your cock and balls, right on the perineum.  As I roll it from your balls to that butt plug, making circles with it, you’ll start to feel your orgasm building.  I promise you though, you won’t cum!  After 5 or 6 minutes, that jizz will just start leaking out, first a trickle, then a stream.  I’ll keep going until I’ve gotten it all.  Think you’ll feel better?  I’m betting you’ll feel horny and oh so sensitive.  You’ll still be on the edge, that tightrope, slowly making your way across that fine thin wire, and waiting for release which may never come!

Jack’s Skype Call

Jack’s Skype Call Skype – Just Another Way To Reach Your Phone Sex Femdom

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An Essay About Submissives

An Essay About Submissives Submissives Are Not Doormats

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What Every Sissy Needs

What Every Sissy Needs Locked Cock

Not so much a locked cock.  You don’t have one of those, do you sissy?  No, you have a sissy clit.  Whatever we call it, the fact remains, it should be locked up.

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You Must Earn Your Orgasm

You Must Earn Your Orgasm

Orgasms Are NOT Guaranteed

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