Ms. Delia


Must Be 18+

You know who you are. You are Mine.

Collared, owned, valued, cherished. Important.

Without you as a submissive,

I could not be Me as a Domme!


Cuckold Fantasies

Cuckold Fantasies What type of Cuckold are you? The Voyeur Cuckold The Voyeur Cuckold is probably the simplest type of cuckolding fantasy.  You just want to be involved, or maybe, in the Waiting Cuckold, you just want to listen or be told about your hot...

Is She A Cuckoldress Or A Hot Wife?

Cuckold Roleplay There can be an infinite number of ways you can roleplay cuckold scenes.  They can be pure fantasy, where your wife (or fiancée, girlfriend, FWB), tells you in startling detail just how she’s fucked another guy.  You can be a voyeur cuckold who...

Accidental…On Purpose…Ruined Orgasm

Need A Ruined Orgasm Fix? It’s easy if you call me.  I’ll ruin your orgasms all day and all night!  Teasing and denying you, delaying your orgasm, bringing you to the edge over and over again until I give you that one extra stroke?  Watching that cum just dribble out...




Training Programs

If I’m not available when you’d like to place a call with me.

You can email me directly to set up an appointment.