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Pegging Is The Best Way To Spoon

Pegging Is The Best Way To Spoon

A Strap-on Session To End The Night

Woman in sexy lingerieWhen Jack and I have a really intense, long play session, I always like to finish off the night with an intense, extended strap-on session.  I like to put him through all the butt slut positions – ass up, head down, riding my cock while I sit in a chair, then with him on his back, so I can watch that cock spurt when my cock hits his prostate just right.  No matter how many ruined orgasms I’ve given him during the session, he always cums hardest when that dick is buried in him balls deep!  And it usually leaves him exhausted – me too!  Fucking a guy is hard work!  So we slide under the covers, and I slide up behind him and wrap my arms around him.

Connected And Comfy – Ms. Delia

Did I mention I’m still wearing my strap-on?  Holding him tight, with my dildo nestled in between his ass cheeks makes me feel really connected to him.  I can feel his continued post orgasmic shudders, keep track of his breathing as it slows to normal and gets regular as he falls into a deep sleep.  It’s so relaxing.  And with my panty harness, it’s pretty comfortable too.  There’s nothing like being the big spoon!  But, maybe you should hear from Jack…

Connected And Comfy – Jack

After being filled and drilled by Ms. Delia’s cock and used as her bitch, and after having what are always the best, most intense mind-blowing orgasms, I am spent, and a little out of touch with reality.  Having her hold me – and feeling her cock nestled against my ass – is just the thing to slowly bring me back from the rabbit hole of subspace.  Then, in the morning, it’s something different to wake up to her slowly pulling my cheeks apart and positioning that dildo right at my horny hole, ready to start the next day like we ended the last!

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Two Mistress Calls

Two Mistress Call

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Submissive Positive Monday, Part 4

Submissive Positive: It’s Great To Guide And Teach You

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Sissy Grooming Habits, Part 2

Sissy Grooming Habits, Part 2

Pink and Sexy!

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Submissive Positive Monday Part 3

Submissive Positive Monday, Part 3 You Look Great

As a submissive, is this not one of the best things you could hear from your Mistress?  To know that all your hard work, effort, or even primping and preening, and getting all slutted up for your Mistress is noticed and appreciated makes you feel amazing!  Every submissive or slave, . . . → Read More: Submissive Positive Monday Part 3