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How To Know If You Have A Pindick Problem

Wondering If Your Dick Is Small

If you’re wondering if you have a pindick? If you have to wonder, then you most certainly do!  Let’s be honest here, why would it even cross your mind if it wasn’t a small penis?  However, if you’re still on the fence as to whether you have an adequate cock, I’m going to help you out here.  First off, if when it’s fully erect it’s 5 inches or less?  ALL women consider that small!

Can You Unroll A Condom?

Now, don’t go buying Magnums, you’ll fail for sure!  However, if you get that horny little penis hard, slide a condom over it, and it’s a) all bunched up at the base or b) there’s enough room in the tip to capture a bucketful of cum?  You’re small.

The Post-It Test

You’ve heard about the toilet tube test, but here’s the Post-It test.  Get hard.  Can you trace your entire penis on a 3×5 Post-it?  You are small.  Can you put it on one of those square ones that are 3 x3?  That is a true pindick!


Can you really get a full handy?  Or when you stroke for me …because I know there’s no woman giving you a handjob… is it really only a two finger job?  Do I even need to tell you how small you are? I didn’t think so!

Women See Your Penis

What happens when you get naked in front of hot, sexy women?  Do they stifle a giggle behind their hand?  Or do they break out laughing?  Point and say “Oh, my god!  I never knew they came that small?”  Women who actually see your penis – or lack thereof, will NEVER brag about it. They will laugh instead!

Does Your Dick Hang Low?

Does your penis hang below your balls?  Now wiat!! Don’t try to tell me that sad penis can not…that it’s because you have big, hanging balls, either.  I mean, I know they’re full – aching and blue, too – but if you’re cock doesn’t hang below your balls, say it with me, you’re small!

What to do with a small penis?  Well, there’s really only one option.  Pindicks like yours are perfect for chastity and cuckolding!

Chastity Choice

A Choice Of Chastity For Jack

Chastity Mistress

Last night, I gave  my subbie hubby Jack a chastity choice. I kept him right on the very edge as I rode him to orgasm after orgasm for me! Isn’t life as a Femdom grand!  By the time I was satisfied, I was pretty sure . . . → Read More: Chastity Choice

Cuckold Heaven And Hell

Cuckold Heaven

It’s finally happened, your hot wife has agreed to cuckold you!  You talked about it for many months, she talked dirty to you while stroking you or fucking you, telling you all about those hot men and how she couldn’t wait to get a really big, thick cock inside of her while . . . → Read More: Cuckold Heaven And Hell

It’s Tease AND Denial

First The Cockteasing

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times.  I am a cockteasing bitch!  I love teasing my submissives and slaves.  Whether it’s taking my subby hubby Jack’s gorgeous dick in my hand (or my mouth…or even my pussy!) or giving my stroking cock control callers guided masturbation instructions, . . . → Read More: It’s Tease AND Denial

Chastity Lock Emergency

When you are in chastity, I always say you should be prepared for an emergency. Last night that happened to Me and to Jack. We solved the problem, but this made me want to again stress the importance of having a plan for escaping chastity if needed.

Jack had been Chastity Locked for the . . . → Read More: Chastity Lock Emergency