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Tell Me What You Stroke To

Tell Me What You Stroke To

What Goes In Your Spank Bank?

Do you realize there’s over 7 ½ years of blog posts here at Beg For Mistress?  Fem Fabulous goes back just as far.  Then there’s the posts I’ve put up on sites like May I Cum, Sissyville, the various Bootcamp sites.  That’s a lot of fodder for your Spank Bank, isn’t it stroker?  Don’t deny it, I know you read my blogs and jerk off to them.

What Fantasy/Fetish Gets You Off?

What particular fantasy, what special fetish, when you see a blog title mentioning it, compels you to click on it?  Is it guided masturbation blogs?  Sissies being used, their mouths full of cock and anal cherries popped?  Blogs about spanking, or cuckolding?  Maybe it’s one of the blogs where I write about real life sessions with my subby hubby, Jack, hmmm?  What is the thing that gets you reading and re-reading, furiously stroking your cock, rubbing one out?

You Should Do This When You Masturbate To My Posts

Whenever you get that dick out of your pants – or maybe you just rub it through your pants! – to one of my posts, I want you to do one of three things.  The first is leave a comment to let everyone know how you have no control over your cock, how just my written words alone sent you over the edge and made you cream your jeans.  The second is to practice some control, keep that cum in your balls, and email me all the details.  Which post, why it got you so hot and bothered, what you thought about while beating your meat, and then, ask my permission to cum.  The third?  Well, that’s only for serious cock control candidates.  Call me up, and let’s see if we can re-enact and fantasize about the post that got you so, so horny!

Small Penis Humiliation at a Concert

One of my dear callers, lil Kev has a fascination with a viral video showing a naked man with a TINY penis at an outdoor concert. It is like an obsession, and I am fascinated by it! So this blog takes you into the headspace of the sadly hung man… Enjoy!

You know, something . . . → Read More: Small Penis Humiliation at a Concert

Ms. Delia Is A Cockteasing Bitch

Ms. Delia Is A Cockteasing Bitch You Said You Wanted A Cockteasing Bitch

Those were your exact words.  You begged me to take control of your cock, then you said that what you really wanted was a beautiful, sexy woman who could be a cockteasing bitch to you.  I just laughed and said “Be . . . → Read More: Ms. Delia Is A Cockteasing Bitch

This Is Why You Need Cock Control

This Is Why You Need Cock Control Your Cock Is In Control

See, I knew it. Oh you naughty stroker, your dick is starting to get hard already, and all I did was walk in the room!  I know I’m sexy, and I’m certain that wearing only a bra, panties, garter belt and stockings . . . → Read More: This Is Why You Need Cock Control

Chastity – I Own Your Cock

Chastity – I Own Your Cock Put On The Cage

Go ahead, lock your cock up for me.  You know you need to do it.  Your cock and its insatiable need to be stroked and pleasured, to spill its seed, has taken control of you.  Now you need me to take control of your . . . → Read More: Chastity – I Own Your Cock