Ms. Delia


Must Be 18+

You know who you are. You are Mine.

Collared, owned, valued, cherished. Important.

Without you as a submissive,

I could not be Me as a Domme!


Ms. Delia’s Birthday Month Schedule

Ms. Delia’s Schedule – And a BIRTHDAY Celebration! **This is a sticky post through the month of September. Look below for newer blogs this month!** Ms. Delia’s Schedule Well stroker, slaves, sluts and sissies, if you need to be controlled by the lovely and sexy Ms....


 MORE UPSIDES TO HAVING A SMALL PENIS I teased recent caller into a moaning, drooling frenzy.  Were you that caller?  Well, first, let me give you a familiar dividing line that women always use when assessing a male: do you have a small penis or a big penis?  If you...

Why I Often Choose Denial

Why I Often Choose Denial Give A Man An Orgasm I often choose orgasm denial. Why? One thing I’ve learned being an expert cocktease is this:  Give a man an orgasm and he’ll forget it in a moment.  It’s true!  Every cocktease knows the science behind the male orgasm. ...




Training Programs

If I’m not available when you’d like to place a call with me.

You can email me directly to set up an appointment.