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Miss Rachel, Femdom Switch for Miss Delia

femdom switchWhat an honor! I am deeply gratified to be invited to write a guest post for Miss Delia’s blog. I think it might be the first time I’ve ever done so, though I read Her blog regularly, and follow Her on social media. Do you know why, readers? It’s because I’m a little bit of a Delia fangirl. Most who know Me have heard Me say that I am strictly a Domme. I am, especially when it comes to men. But I have a little confession to make: I would become a femdom switch for Miss Delia.

I know how many of you are under Her spell. I understand why, because I feel it, too. Her statuesque, old-Hollywood blonde glamour simply mesmerizes. Her sky-blue eyes communicate piercing authority. Her curves are dangerous, and if you read Her blog like I do, you realize that so is Her mind. I mean, no matter who you think you are, if this woman commanded you to kneel and worship, you would drop faster than the words “yes Mistress” could fall from your lips, wouldn’t you? So would I.femdom switch

Yes, I have lustful thoughts about most of the Mistresses here from time to time, but I’m not talking about satiating My intermittent bisexual impulses. I’m talking about doing anything Miss Delia might want, from cleaning Her house in a uniform that would rival that of the frilliest sissy maid, to letting My face augment the seat to Her office chair all day. Hell, if Her shoes needed polishing and the spit from My tongue made the best polish, it wouldn’t take too much spanking of My bare bottom to get Me to comply! And in My femdom switch fantasy, My reward would be a nice stiff fucking with any one of the many strap-ons I know She’s got. *giggle*

We’ve never talked about it, but something tells Me Miss Delia only likes to dominate men. She’s a believer in Female Superiority, just as I am, and maybe that makes it hard to do the things with female submissives that She would do with you boys. I understand that. I feel that males are uniquely situated to be dominated, controlled, and humiliated. But let this be an open invitation to Miss Delia, made right here in public, that if She ever wants to see what Miss Rachel looks like prostrated before Her and ready to do Her bidding, it would only take one come-hither stare to make Me her femdom switch on call.

To Punish or Not To Punish

To Punish or Not To Punish

It feels like June had been all about teaching about BDSM fun, and I have loved it. Today I want to talk about punishment…to punish or not to punish, that is the question.

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Making a Sub Drop Kit

Making a Sub Drop Kit

You can find ideas for a Sub Drop Kit all over the internet. So I will make my suggestions here. A kit SHOULD be a physical thing, a nice bag, piece of luggage, cool tote, backpack, etc. that can be filled with stuff that will help you when you . . . → Read More: Making a Sub Drop Kit

What is Emotional Sub Drop?

What is Emotional Sub Drop?

I have written before about BDSM Terminology like sub drop. I focused especially on looking at the physical changes the body goes through after an intense BDSM Scene. So how is emotional sub drop different? I think that once aftercare is done, and people return to their regular lives, . . . → Read More: What is Emotional Sub Drop?

Pegging Guest Post by Ms. FIona!

To all the cyber slutpups in love with pegging:

This blog post isn’t really about you. Don’t you get it? It’s MY turn to thrust and pump. I want to a chance to grind and bounce straddling you. Don’t you want to have me tap into a whole new surreal pleasure? You see, my . . . → Read More: Pegging Guest Post by Ms. FIona!