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Domme Space and the submissive

Domme Space is not often talked about. Generally in BDSM, the focus is on subspace or subdrop after a scene. However, a Domme can fly and soar, so today I want to focus on Domme Space which is such an amazing feeling. When Domme and sub get into that rhythm of play that shares a sexy back and forth, intense sensations, and feedback, that is how I best can get into my Domme Space.

Achieving Domme Space

So for me to achieve Domme space, I must get into a rhythm or start feeling a certain flow to things, and for many Dommes that is how this space starts. It is a powerful, strong set of emotions and feelings. It is not the letting go of subspace, it’s more about everything just flowing and moving right along. In business “feeling the flow” is a really great thing that makes you super productive. I would say the BDSM flow is the same!

How Can a submissive Help with Domme Space

One thing that stands out is music. Do you have a good music playlist? Maybe something you love with a certain beat or sound? Music can help me to start the flow. Your reactions also help me so much. As examples, You moan while stroking and following my teasing instructions. You gasp when the nipple clamps come off.  During a spanking session, you get that tone to your voice and I completely tune into the scene. It is the auditory cues that really help me soar!

When that back and forth between Domme and sub happens just perfectly, the sexy feeling of Domme space can wash right over me and make me roar!

Pain and Pleasure

I can be a very intense Mistress into both pain and pleasure. With pain play, I sometimes like to share and pass around a pain slut! Mistress Olivia and I have often shared clients, and when it comes to being a Mistress of pain and pleasure, we are both a great mix to both. . . . → Read More: Pain and Pleasure

Sph Story 4 of 4

We last left off with Kevin’s co-workers, Beth and Kate feeling badly for his fiancee, Kara, and SORT OF promising they would keep his secret…now was that the secret of his small penis, or was it his stage performance?

The SPH Confession Continues

Kevin continued his confession. He described a Female Led Relationship with . . . → Read More: Sph Story 4 of 4

Sph Story 3 of 4

We last left this story with Beth and Kate very happy to keep poor Kev’s “little secret” from his fiancee, Kara. But let’s see what happens next in this small penis humiliation story!

A SPH Confrontation

Yes, it is SMALL

A few days after his naked debut, Kevin asked to meet with Beth . . . → Read More: Sph Story 3 of 4

Sph Story 2 of 4

Let’s Begin our SPH Story!

At the club a few weeks after the “small penis humiliation” show, I bumped into two women who were part of the sellout crowd that priceless night: Beth and Kate, who were dear Kevin’s  two coworkers. (and you ALL know Kevin has a small penis, very under endowed)

They . . . → Read More: Sph Story 2 of 4