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Proper Pussy Pleasuring

Proper Pussy Pleasuring

One thing I’ve found out is most men are not very good at oral sex.  Usually, when a new submissive has finally earned a Queening session with me, what I find is those first few are more of a training session, teaching them Proper Pussy Pleasuring!


That’s the first step for slutty furniture.  Don’t start out licking her clit – she needs foreplay first!  Lick her inner thighs, slide up along the sides of her pussy lips, then over the top – just above her little pleasure button and back down the other side.  Lick in between her inner and outer lips.  Don’t just use the tip of your tongue.  When I’m being orally worshipped I like to have my subs mix it up – sometimes the tip of the tongue, sometimes lying it flat against me and sliding it all over me.  Variety is the spice of life after all, and mixing the sensations will get her hot and ready for….


Now you can focus on the clit.  Just like when you’re sucking a cock – and you’re not too good at that when you start either! –  after you warm it up, you focus on where the sensations are most intense.  So, with a cock, you flick the head with your tongue.  With a pussy, start flicking at that clit.  Back and forth, side to side, circle around it.  When it’s poking out of the hood, that’s when it’s time to move on to…


Don’t just suck on the clit – that can be too intense for some ladies.  Instead, suck every part of it – the lips, the clit, even the area above the clit and just below.  That way, you’re hitting everything, because that pleasure button that’s sticking out?  It’s just a small portion of the clitoris.  The rest is buried deep inside her.  When she’s panting and gasping and nearly ready to cum?  Well, now you get to tease her!  Go back to lick…flick…and suck…and repeat.  Just remember, she’s the Domme, so when she says it’s time to cum, that’s when you bring her over the edge!

Watch Me Peg You

Watch Me Peg You Being Pegged Is Humiliating

For many submissives, just the thought of having their Mistress use a strap-on on their ass is humiliating enough.  The idea of being told to get naked, and get down on your hands and knees gives you butterflies in your stomach.  As I step behind you, between . . . → Read More: Watch Me Peg You

Ms. Delia’s Birthday

Ms. Delia’s Birthday

Last year my birthday was all about sex toys and my masturbation. This year I have a new goal of total pleasure and well-being. I think that sounds just right for me!

It is 1 Week Away!

Aren’t you excited?  I know I am!  I’m looking forward to a whole bunch . . . → Read More: Ms. Delia’s Birthday

Tease and Denial Thoughts

Ms. Delia’s Thoughts on Tease & Denial

If there is a favorite activity I have, it has to be tease and denial.  Here are a few of my thoughts….

Teasing And Denying You Isn’t Fair

Why should it be?  When I – or any other Masturbatrix – has control of your cock, we don’t . . . → Read More: Tease and Denial Thoughts

A Sissy Housewife Fantasy

Do You Want To Be A Sissy Housewife?

Close your eyes, my pretty sissy.  Imagine you are at a wedding- and you’re the bride!  You’re dressed in frilly panties and bra, thigh highs, and covering it all, a beautiful wedding gown.  Oh, you don’t get to see the groom yet, this is an arranged sissy . . . → Read More: A Sissy Housewife Fantasy