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Mind Fucking Set Of Role Plays

A Mind Fucking Set Of Role Plays

Playing In your Dreams

After a long tease and denial session, with so many ruined orgasms, my slaves cock and balls have been drained. He lies, sleeping fitfully.  I know he’s fallen into a deep sleep, and it’s the perfect time to attach my new mind fucking dream generator to him.  As he begins to toss and turn, I start to take control of his sexy dreams…

The Girlfriend Role Play

What Role Play Do you Like?

The first dream starts with me as his girlfriend.  He thinks he’s waking up, but he isn’t.  I gently scolding him for touching me during the night. We’ve been dating for a while, but I haven’t had sex with him.  You see, I know he’s not ready for that yet and I tell him that he’ll just  have to trust that I know what’s best for him. If it happens again I’ll have to punish him and lock him in chastity to keep him under control.

Now we’re at the mall and I’m leading him into a lingerie store. I pick out a lot of pretty, lacy, sexy panties and bras, most of it in red, purple or pink, try on some special pieces and model them for him, all the while making jokes about how I’ll find a better man in no time looking like this. Then we go to a few clothing stores after this and I pick out things that are revealing or slightly trampy. Telling him again that I’ll be able to get as many cocks as I want looking like this.  That besides being in chastity, I might just turn him onto a cuckold as well.

A Darker Turn

I fiddle with the device, and before he knows it, I have transformed into a leather clad dominatrix. I slap him and demand to know what I’m doing in such a demeaning store. He’s confused, and says his girlfriend picked it.  I just laugh and say that it does seem like a place the slut would be into. I drag him out by the ear find a place more to my liking, all leather and latex.

I try on whatever I like, making sure that the staff know exactly what a slut my slave is. When I’ve got enough I make him pay for it all, as well as a leash and collar for him. I lead him out of the mall on the leash, laughing at his humiliation.

And, as he moans, I can see that cock growing harder.  I’ve found his deepest secrets, his need to be humiliated…in his dreams.

It’s better with Cock Control

It’s better with Cock Control

I know you have been hard and horny for the next part of the sexy stroke tease story by Ms Olivia and me? What will happen to our HANDY man?? Here is part 7 for your stroking pleasure!

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Pindicks on Display

Pindicks On Display

To show you the wonderfully twisted mentality of SPH, I’ll share a spectacular scene that I saw at a fetish club.  The event was advanced billed as SPH on Stage, Up Close And Personal!  It was standing room only as the curtain rose.  Behind it three mistresses standing guard over seven hapless . . . → Read More: Pindicks on Display

Sexy Small Penis Humiliation

Small Penis Humiliation

This is inspired by my recent session with a naughty little half-pint, and I DO mean “little.”  Though truth be told, he’s really a quarter-pint!

I Love Humiliating Pindicks

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3 Kink Resolutions for 2017

3 Kink Resolutions for 2017 Share a Naughty Fantasy

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