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30 Days To Anal Orgasms, Part 3

30 Days To Anal Orgasms, Part 3: More Orgasm Conditioning

e118-1862_img-copyYou’re getting ready for an anal only orgasm.  Pretty much, nothing much changes from Stage 2. We’re just going to be doing more strap-on play, probably daily.  As I peg you, I’ll lean over and whisper in your ear about how soon, you’ll show me what a butt slut you are. I will make you understand you’ll cum from having that ass penetrated just like a bitch.  I’ll keep a close eye on you. Every time I see that cock getting hard my cock is going in your ass!

You’ll Start Craving That Strap-on

Anal Orgasms bound to happen.  The more I do this, and the hornier you get, I promise you will be teased, edged and denied. More and more you will crave my cock.   It’s just  a matter of time.  You see, the only rule now is that you do not get to cum EVER, Let me clarify. I will not allow and orgasm again normally UNTIL you blow your load from my pegging you.

It’s time For Your Anal Orgasm

At some point all the jizz that’s been building up in your balls for days, weeks, maybe even months will need to be released.  One day, while I’m whispering dirty secrets in your ear and pounding away at your backside I will make you orgasm. You’ll moan, you’ll groan, your body will begin to spasm, and all that spunk will come shooting out of your cock! Yes, You will experience it, and it will happen. And here’s what will happen next…

From now on, the only way you’ll cum is from getting fucked!

Small Penis Humiliation Story Part 2

Small Penis Public Humiliation: Outing A Small Cock

Before I met Jack, I had a submissive. Okay, I had a few, but we’re talking about one in particular here who was …well, he wasn’t blessed in the cock department.  He harbored a secret wish, really a need to be exposed in what could be described as  . . . → Read More: Small Penis Humiliation Story Part 2

30 Days To Anal Orgasms, Part 2

30 Days To Anal Orgasms, Part 2

Make sure you check out Part 1 so you’re properly prepared for what I’m about to do to you….

Stage 1 Starts With Teasing…And Denial

It starts with teasing.  Every day you will be teased…and denied.  We’ll stroke that cock to edge after edge, always being denied.  I’ll . . . → Read More: 30 Days To Anal Orgasms, Part 2

Small Penis Intro

For the Small Penis Men out there, Part 1 Yes, This Is For You Pindicks

Awhile back, a submissive gentleman called me and confessed several of his “idiosyncrasies.”  (sure, he can call it that!)  One concerned his physical makeup.  Something indisputably important.  Something that sexual beings everywhere at one time or another contemplate . . . . → Read More: Small Penis Intro

Is Your Skirt Too Short?

Is Your Skirt Too Short For A Sissy Slut!

Honestly, I think it’s a silly question.  You are one of my slutty sissies, so how could your skirt ever be too short.  You know the only reason why you’re wearing it is because it’s not acceptable in society to go out dressed only in panties, . . . → Read More: Is Your Skirt Too Short?