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Mistress and slave Game

After many nights of chastity and tormenting ball ache, a lovely slave came up with a delicious game for us to play, and I wanted to share it with my loyal readers. See, all you need to do is swap out the implements, and then have FUN!

Shall We Play a Game?

It involves dice…and a game of chance for Mistress and slave.
We would need three dice.
The first roll would be with one die. Each number 1 – 6 represents one of your slave parts. Maybe something like this;
1=cock head
2=entire cock
The second roll would be with two dice. Each number 2-12 represents an implement. Something like this;
1=genital whip
2=pin wheel
3=wooden paddle
4=sting whip
5=thud whip
6=violet wand
7=leather slapper
8=electric paddle
9=clothes pins
10=leather paddle
11=wooden cane
12=Foam paddle
Any double rolls add additional torments.

Perhaps something like this:

Double 1’s, 2’s or 3’s = touches to the frenulum with the Hitachi wand
Double 4’s, 5, 6’s = slave hole fuck thrusts with a glass dildo
The number of either is determined by adding the double roll + the triple roll below
The third roll would be with three dice. Each number from 3-18 represents effect. Whether number of impacts or touches as the implement warrants.
Examples 1
first roll = 3
second roll = 8 (in 2 two fours)
third roll = 15
So, your balls (3) are the target. The electric paddle (8) is the implement. Your slave hole will be fucked (double 4’s). Your balls will be touched 15 times with the electric paddle and your slave hole will be fucked with the glass dildo.
Example 2
first roll = 5
second roll = 9
third roll = 11
So, your ass (5) is the target. The clothes pins (9) are the implement. Your ass must have 11 clothes pins attached.
So, slaves, inspired yet? Why not tell Ms. Delia your ideas for a game, and we WILL play it!

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