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Taoist Masturbation – The Nine Thrusting Techniques Conclusion

Taoist Masturbation – The Nine Thrusting Techniques Conclusion

Putting It All Together

Taoist sex, as I said in the intro – is about keeping your cock at peak performance.  It’s not just about going through the nine steps from 1 – 9, and then she gets off.  No, my stoker, there’s a technique and a plan.  The whole goal is to keep your dick operating, and alternate those techniques to bring her ecstasy from the sexual stimulation.

You Need to Combine Shallow and Deep

Shallow thrusts will stimulate her most sensitive nerve endings and leave a vacuum effect that leaves her aching for the deep thrusts.  Because the shallow thrusts are only affecting a small area of your cock, you will also last longer.  So, to review, the shallow techniques are 3, 4, 6 and 9.  The rest are deep.  Here’s what you’re going to do:

Couple during intimate moments9 Shallow, 1 Deep

8 Shallow, 2 Deep

7 Shallow, 3 Deep

6 Shallow, 4 Deep

5 Shallow, 5 Deep

4 Shallow, 6 Deep

3 Shallow, 7 Deep

2 Shallow, 8 Deep

1  Shallow, 9 Deep

0 Shallow, 10 Deep


Then, go backwards, 10 deep, then 1 shallow, 9 deep, until you’re back at the beginning. Change up the shallow and deep techniques – but keep them consistent from set to set.  So, if you start shallow with a rocking motion, do that for all the shallow thrusts in that set.  Same for the deep ones.

But You Don’t Have  A Real Yoni, Do You?

So, you’ll just have to be satisfied with your pocket pussy.  Keep practicing these guided masturbation thrusting techniques.  One day, you’ll be faced with a real pussy, and you will perform as she expects!

Taoist Masturbation – 4 Additional Thrusting Techniques

Taoist Masturbation – 4 Additional Thrusting Techniques

Before you read this post, make sure you’ve completed Thrusting Techniques 1 -5.  Remember, I want 5 edges or 20 minutes of stroking per technique – and NO CUMMING!  Maybe in the conclusion…..

Push & Wriggle In Slowly (Like A Snake Entering A Hole)

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Taoist Masturbation – 5 Thrusting Techniques

Taoist Masturbation – The 5 Thrusting Techniques

Are you ready for your fist 5 thrusting techniques in my Taoist Masturbation series?  I’ll bet you’ve been waiting, cock hard and throbbing, haven’t you?  Well, here are the first 5 thrusting techniques.  I want you to practice each one of them until you’re doing them perfectly.  Focus . . . → Read More: Taoist Masturbation – 5 Thrusting Techniques

Taoist Masturbation Techniques Introduction

Taoist Masturbation Techniques Introduction You Know About Tantric Masturbation

I’ve discussed Tantric Masturbation techniques in the past.  Tantric Masturbation is all about maintaining control, staying at the peak, or even the edge of orgasm for long periods of time. Perhaps, even experiencing multiple orgasms without any ejaculation. One of my callers recently introduced me . . . → Read More: Taoist Masturbation Techniques Introduction

Painful, Humiliating Masturbation

Painful, Humiliating Masturbation

This is a Ms. Delia Masturbation Fantasy. It IS Masturbation May, so I DO expect you to be orgasm free. I do know that you CAN’T hide when you mess up, so be prepared for punishing masturbation!!

First the Humiliation

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