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Ms. Delia’s Birthday Pinned Post

Update: I am home & safe from the evacuation, and have regular hours now as my cruise was cancelled.  I still am VERY excited for my birthday though 😀

They Say It’s My Birthday

Sometimes I take a picture as a THANK YOU for a sweet gift!

My birthday is coming at the end of September.  Can you believe I’m going to be….29…again!!  Just go with it, guys, don’t you know it’s impolite to ask a lady her age?  Does it really matter?  All you really need to know is that I am an experienced Cougar who can control your cock and dominate you completely.  Don’t worry, I’ll still be available to take your calls.  As you know I HOPEFULLY have a sexy cruise coming up to celebrate my special day. I hope to do lots of things including  birthday spankings provided IRMA allows a vacation. If not, there is always a sexy evacuation, right?

Because you asked What I Wanted…

I am so thankful and touched when you ask what I want! This year is not a sex toy year. This year is not really even for me. It is a family change, so feel free to check out my wishlist by clicking the link, and you will read what is going on next to the items!!

This year, there are all kinds of practical and useful items on there.  Things I can use for myself to be more comfy, to relax, and one sex machine that might be really fun! You might just please your Mistress so much with your thoughtful gift that next time I’ll only cocktease you, oh, for an hour, before I let you have a full satisfying orgasm!

No matter what, THANK YOU for your generosity, kindness, and delicious spoiling! This year has a different tone to it, and I am so happy to give you a peek into that!

Pump For Ms. Delia

Pump For Ms. Delia Might Be Your Last Chance To Jerk Off!

You are good, so give yourself a hand!  Are you up for a little self-intimacy? Go ahead, caress yourself.  Let’s see you do some serious self-loving, some self fucking.  You are now, fucking for one.  Fuck yourself.  Or maybe fuck by yourself.  . . . → Read More: Pump For Ms. Delia

Evacuation Kink

Evacuation Kink

Getting Kinky In The Caribbean was supposed to happen, but because of Irma it did not. It will on a future voyage, but I had to make evacuation sexy because I am Mistress Delia after all!

Kink While Evacuated

Evacuation IS certainly stressful, and is not something one would think of as . . . → Read More: Evacuation Kink

Fleshlight Chastity Training

Fleshlight Chastity Training A Masturbation Challenge

One of my chastity slaves called up the other day, desperate for release (I don’t know why, he’s only been locked up for 3 months!).  I made a deal with him, and told him to get his Fleshlight with the suction cup base, and attach it to the wall.  I told him . . . → Read More: Fleshlight Chastity Training

Fetish Party Fun

Fetish Party Fun at A FemDom Party

You submissive guys know how there seem to be fewer Dominant Women than male submissives, right?  Same thing happens at public play parties. There seem to be a lot of Male Dome/female sub couples, maybe some gay couple, but few Domme/sub male couples.  Seriously, Jack and I have been . . . → Read More: Fetish Party Fun