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Black Friday Fun!

Though I am a sexy and controlling Mistress, I do have a very giving side! I want to show that side, describe a way I have been a very giving person, and finally let you know how I want to give back to you, dear reader!

My Thanksgiving play party lasted into the wee . . . → Read More: Black Friday Fun!

My Thanksgiving Day

My Thanksgiving Day

I am so fortunate, and I do know it! I am a very lucky woman to have all that I have. I have had a wonderful year full of health, happiness, and a wonderful community of people to support and who support me! I am so thankful for the wonderful people . . . → Read More: My Thanksgiving Day

Diane Marie is Beautiful!

Being a very sensual yet serious Mistress, I am always so very happy when I can spotlight a call or a client who wishes to have a blog post dedicated to our discussion! I was lucky enough to meet a person such as this during the week, and I am going to spotlight her . . . → Read More: Diane Marie is Beautiful!

Pampering Mistress Delia's Feet

It had been a long day at work. I looked so powerful and sexy, yet professional in my outfit.  I had on the Jessica Simpson Lizza pumps, the leopard ones you bought me. Visualize my outfit. I had my hair down and flowing.  I wore a dark brown sweater knit turtleneck top with a leopard scarf accenting my neck. . . . → Read More: Pampering Mistress Delia’s Feet

My Erotic Writing

This past week, I added pages to my Blog to showcase my penchant for writing erotica.  Because I am smart, sexual, and creative along with kinky, I enjoy writing. This post is announcing my stories.

Here is how it works.  I have made it easy.  At the top of any Blog page, you may click the tab . . . → Read More: My Erotic Writing