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Weekend Schedule for Mistress Delia

Mistress Delia will be available this weekend, but mainly later during the weekend. On Saturday, I’ll be gone for the day but will be

Daytime Fun & Nighttime Kink!

back at night. I plan to head out with a group of friends to ride the rides at Six Flags! Now, when you think . . . → Read More: Weekend Schedule for Mistress Delia

Short Term Chastity Device

I Am Thinking About This Chastity Device on you!

When I look for a chastity device to control cock, I generally look for something secure that can be worn for weeks. That usually suits me fine for long term tease and denial! Recently, I have been toying with the idea of shorter term . . . → Read More: Short Term Chastity Device

Dirty Talk

Thank you Mistress Delia

I appreciate her kind invitation to guest blog here.  You see, your adored Mistress and I are neighbors on Talkshoe.  That means we both host podcast shows.  I co-host a show with Mistress Jane called The Voyeur Window.

What We Do

Think about it.  All of us get excited by . . . → Read More: Dirty Talk

Fetish Weekend Update

Fetish Weekend Update

A Sexy Fetish Weekend Makes A Mistress Happy!

This weekend was a hot weekend! Though I missed speaking to you, I did so enjoy the activities the weekend provided. On Friday night, after The Weekly Hot Spot show, I was able to get a turn teasing . . . → Read More: Fetish Weekend Update

Fetish Weekend Fun

Fetish Weekend

I Will Have Such Fetishy Fun!

Mistress Delia is driving for hours to get away to enjoy some Fetish Fun Friday at noontime. I’ll be gone from Friday until Sunday night. While I will miss you all, I will absolutely be enjoying myself.  I will get to watch and . . . → Read More: Fetish Weekend Fun