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Final Slut Training

Do you think your slut training is finished? No! There’s one more step, and you can expect that same thing to happen to the bitch you’ve become as happened to the slut.  After awhile, it will take more and more to please me, more begging and pleading to allow you that release.  And again one . . . → Read More: Final Slut Training

More Cock Training

Keep Begging, bitch! I May Give you This!

Continuing to train a cock requires more teasing and denial, more begging and pleading for release. I have very high expectations for those rare stroker boys who make it to this level of cock control training! My slut has become my bitch! Oh how far you . . . → Read More: More Cock Training

Cock Training Continues

Cock tease training is a very important task. Controlling the cock, and teaching it to behave as expected, to understand and

Beg for My Training!

 endure edging, denial, blue balls, and seemingly endless cock teasing can be such work, but so worth it to me. Welcome to part two of cock control training!

. . . → Read More: Cock Training Continues

Cock Tease Training a New Submissive

Beg for Me to Train you!

My method of training is very simple, and you know you want it. I make you beg me to train you. Don’t believe it yet? You will. I have three categories I make a new trainee achieve in my training process for new submissives – slut, bitch . . . → Read More: Cock Tease Training a New Submissive