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Sneaky Masturbation

So, you only have 10 minutes to get off before someone notices you’re gone?  Whatever is a little stroker slut like you going to do?  I guess Ms. Delia will have to share with you some ideas for when you have to get down and dirty…QUICKLY!

Secret Masturbation 800 601 6975

Why . . . → Read More: Sneaky Masturbation

Masturbation Challenge Assignment

Hello horny strokers all out there masturbating my way to my spreadsheet and blog! I have been so impressed with how well I have been able to command and control your cocks! The results, comments and emails have been fantastic. You have stroked in the bathtub, humped furniture, created a pocket pussy, and have . . . → Read More: Masturbation Challenge Assignment

Sex Toy Masturbation

Masturbate With Toys

Do you have any idea how many toys are out there for masturbation?  Literally thousands!  And that doesn’t include the ones any of you strokers can go ahead and make yourselves.  Ms. Delia did a Google search for “Homemade sex toys” and there were almost 3 MILLION hits!  Well, I . . . → Read More: Sex Toy Masturbation

Tantric Masturbation Exercise

Tantric Masturbation has been something I have dabbled with, but have become more serious about since doing the Fire Breath Orgasm with Ms. Layla and Ms. Claire Friday May 20, 2011 on The Weekly Hot Spot. It was intense. I had been practicing, and got some tremendous feelings, and want to share some tips with you. . . . → Read More: Tantric Masturbation Exercise

Masturbation with Food

How To Masturbate with food Ms. Delia’s just going to get all fun and silly with this, strokers.  Remember two weeks ago when we talked about jerking off in the shower and how there was no clean up?  Well, this week is going to be MESSY!  

Food Masturbation

What kind of . . . → Read More: Masturbation with Food