How To Masturbate with food
Ms. Delia’s just going to get all fun and silly with this, strokers.  Remember two weeks ago when we talked about jerking off in the shower and how there was no clean up?  Well, this week is going to be MESSY!

Food Masturbation

What kind of food can we use? 
Well, there was that movie where they used a warm apple pie, but everyone’s done that.  In doing my research this week about some weird things – ever thought about squid?  After you rip off the head and scoop out the inside, it becomes a hollow, fleshy tube.  If one of my stroker boys tries this, I REALLY want to hear about.  I don’t only want to hear about it, if you comment on it, and send me a picture, I’ll even give a free 10 minute call to the first one I get!

Freeze it up
How about something a little less exotic?  You can combine anal play with your stroking, and use ice cubes.  Take some ice, rub it all over your tight, puckered boy pussy, and then slowly insert them in.  Once they’re inside, you can start stoking for me.  I expect you to stroke and edge youself until they’re all melted, then, if your allowed to cum, you may.  If you’re in chastity?  Well, that’ll give a new meaning to blue balls, won’t it?

Cream pie
Another thing you can try is a nice cream-filled cake – you know, one of those long yellow ones, starts with a “T” and will survive longer than “cock” roaches?  Slide your hard-on into that creamy filling, wrap your hand around it and start stroking.  I wonder if that cupcake will stay together for 20 minutes or 5 edges.  That’s how long you’ll jerk off before you ask me for permission to shoot your load.  And if your one of my cum-eaters, just think how good it’ll taste – your jizz mixed in with all that creamy frosting!

No, not my breasts, you naughty boys.  Although I bet you’d all like that, wouldn’t you? Get a nice ripe cantaloupe or better yet, a honey dew (you’d like to taste my dewy honey, too I’ll bet!).  Cut a round hole in the side with one of those apple corers – make sure it’s just a little smaller than your fully engorged dick – and then start pounding away.  Remember the rules – 20 minutes or five edges, whichever take slonger, then you may ask for permission to cum.

What is your favorite way to masturbate with food? Keep the comments cumming!  I’m especially looking to that first “squid fucker”!