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Masturbation Game

Hello strokers! Ready for your new masturbation assignment today? It’s no secret that I love making guys like you jerk off for me. There’s something about seeing a guy desperately stroke his cock that is so very hot. Especially when tease and denial games are involved.

A New Game for You!

So I decided . . . → Read More: Masturbation Game

Favorite Masturbation Techniques

What is your Favorite Masturbation 800 601 6975

What is your favorite way to masturbate?

I know this is a hot topic! Getting to slickly stroke that shaft, building up the excitement, edging a bit, working yourself up until you reach that point of no return and cum spurts out in an amazing . . . → Read More: Favorite Masturbation Techniques

Daring Masturbation

Daring Masturbation 800 601 6975

Last week, my strokers had such fun masturbating secretly. I had the best couple of calls with strokers hiding out in the shed or up in the bathroom for their masturbation assignments. Though these were short 10 or 15 minute sexy calls, they were amazing! I heard all . . . → Read More: Daring Masturbation