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Internal Prostate Massage


Milking Time

Internal Prostate Massage

Well stroker, you’re well into the second full week of tease and denial, but don’t be too proud about that yet. Today will be your first full milking session of two this week. Since you have been practicing external prostate massage, your balls are likely less achy, but you . . . → Read More: Internal Prostate Massage

External Prostate Massage

Oh my strokers, I must tell you a few of you are now familiar with the words “accident” and “failure”. Some of you did not follow the stroking and teasing instructions given on Saturday! Go back and recheck that post so you can refresh yourselves on what Mistress wants.  I no longer want to . . . → Read More: External Prostate Massage

Stroked to the Edge

There is something so sexy about how a man masturbates, sliding his hand up and down the hard shaft, grazing over the sensitive head over and over until that feeling builds up so much that he pumps harder and faster, driving that cock to a spurting, throbbing release. So sexy, right? Oh, but that’s . . . → Read More: Stroked to the Edge

Tease and Denial Mistresses

Stroker sluts, today I have a special treat for you. While you have been masturbating for me three times a day, another Mistress has become quite excited by all of the tease and denial activities. I bet you might like to know what Mistress Andi has to say, and I suggest you try her . . . → Read More: Tease and Denial Mistresses

Tease and Denial Challenge Begins

Are you nice and drained from all the challenge prep work, strokers?  Was it a fun week, just cumming and cumming?  The comments were great.  The ones I found expecially funny were you sluts who were begging NOT to cum or to have to cum anymore.  Well, be careful what you wish for, because you’re about to . . . → Read More: Tease and Denial Challenge Begins