Tease and Denial Causes Painful Blue Balls for Me

Tease and denial can bring on a case of painful blue balls. The aching balls can be felt from upper thighs well into the lower abdomen. Edging, Tease sessions, and orgasm denial can make tease and denial enthusiasts’ balls so sore. I personally love it when I get emails describing the struggle of one who has been denied an orgasm. One blog reader shared this with me.

A Denied Man Discussed his Blue Balls

This weekend you provided me with more pleasure than I have had in a long time.  By pleasure I mean ball aching frustration.  I made sure that I edged for you in 5 different locations today.  The first was one on the way to an appointment downtown.  I was able to unzip my pants and stroke as I was on cruise control down the expressway.  The second was in the men’s room stall at the coffee shop.  There was alot of people coming in and out but I managed to stifle my moans as I edged a second time – a thin strand of precum making its way down to the cold tile floor. 

More Edging and Denial

The third edge was in my office.  I could hear my busty intern on the phone chatting to her friend about their exploits Friday night while I jerked my hand up and down my shaft with a nice tight grip.  I gave it at least 2000 strokes and enjoyed it so much I edged multiple times over the next hour.  Stroking beats working any day!  At one point I think my intern must have heard my muffled moans as her conversation stopped and I heard her giggle.  Maybe I should ask her to watch next time.  The fourth edge was through my pants under the table while I ate lunch.  It was at one of those crowded sushi places and I had been playing so much at the office it wasn’t hard to reach the edge without skin contact.  I scanned around the room and found a young lady with gorgeous eyes and made eye contact with her while I massaged my cock head through the thin fabric of my wool suit pants.  Do you think she could look back into my eyes and sense what I was thinking?  Do you think she knew how close I was to blowing my load in my pants?  I think I noticed her blushing. 

Final Denial and Swollen Balls

My fifth and final edging is about to begin.  I like to wait until after listening to you on Cock Radio.  I like the sound of your steamy voice in my head when I lay naked on my bed with a bottle of astroglide, my Aneros Helix massager, and a few hours of stroking and edging and milking my prostate.  My balls are swollen to the size of tangerines full of cum saved up for you Empress Delia.  The pain is delicious.  Thank you for challenging me beyond where I have ever gone before!

This week’s Tease and Denial Assignment

PORN! This week I want you to watch porn online with your stroking and edging. So, schedule your stroking times well each day! If you need to for privacy, change the times.  Email me: Delia@enchantrixempire.com so you can report which porn you are watching, and how your slow, easy stroking method is keeping your balls full, tight, well teased, and aching oh so much. Tell me how much you love denial and suffering through those blue balls for me.