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Body Worship Part One

You want to worship my body, don’t you?

As a beautiful and kinky phonesex mistress, I love to have my body worshiped, and I know that all of you sluts and sissies love to worship it!  Proper body worship is a wonderful skill for any submissive to have, and I’m going to show you . . . → Read More: Body Worship Part One

Jack’s Femdom Birthday

Happy Sex…er… I mean Birthday to Jack

Mistress gives Her submissive a Birthday Surprise!

As many of my loyal readers know, several weeks ago it was Jack’s birthday.  And after the ruined orgasm I gave him when I let him out of chastity – which many of you had the balls to chastise . . . → Read More: Jack’s Femdom Birthday

A Massage …with a Happy Ending?

Massage you to a Happy Ending

Would you like a massage? A nice cock massage? Hello stroker. I’ll bet you came here looking for a special massage, didn’t you? Are you looking for a happy ending? Well, the question will be, is it going to be happy for you, or happy for Ms. . . . → Read More: A Massage …with a Happy Ending?

Blue Ball Teasing

Blue is one of my favorite colors…for your balls! Every slut knows Mistress Delia hates the color white – especially when it’s your pale, white ass. How many of you know what my favorite color is? Actually, it’s purple – and we’ll get to that in a moment – but a close second is . . . → Read More: Blue Ball Teasing

Cock Electro Play

Electro Play with Mistress. Click the links for new toys!

Hello, my stoker pets! Does this month having you crossing your legs, trying to protect your precious little boy parts every time you read my blog, wondering what new delicious torments I’ve come up with for your cock and balls? How’s this for . . . → Read More: Cock Electro Play