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Post Orgasm Torment

Post Orgasm Torment is Delicious Fun!

Are you begging for release yet? You know you want it stroker. I’m teasing you, stroking that horny cock, bringing you to the edge, over and over again. You’re begging me to cum, to just pump that spunk all over your chest and stomach. Maybe I’ll let you cum. Maybe I’ll ruin a few orgasms first, squeeze the base of your cock and keep all that cum pent up inside.

Need to Cum

Every time I ruin your orgasm though, you just beg for more, you horny little slut. You beg me to play with that cock, and stroke you to the full orgasm you want. Will I let you cum this time, or ruin it AGAIN? You just don’t know, and you start telling me that you “need” to cum. “Well, stroke slut, if you need to cum, then cum” and I speed up my stroking and that cum just starts shooting out of your dick.

Post Orgasm Stimulation

At first, you think I’m just milking you dry, making sure I get every ounce of jism out of that cock, but I just keep stroking. It’s so slick and wet now, and you start to squirm as I rub my palm over the head of your cock, while I keep stroking your shaft. You’re begging me to stop now. I just laugh and I continue my post-orgasm torment of you, driving you out of your mind. You “needed” to cum, and now you’re going to keep cumming until I say you don’t need to anymore.

6 comments to Post Orgasm Torment

  • little1

    Mistress Delia your blog post is so accurate, begging to cum then the torture of continued play especially palming the tip that is so much torment

  • Empress Delia

    Oh little1,

    How right you are about the palming of the tip!! That kind of post orgasmic sensation is something I enjoy doing so much!

    Ms. Delia

  • PB

    Wow…I would love to experience this while being tied up…although it might be more than I could take and give me a heart attack…but it would be worth it 🙂

  • Empress Delia

    A good Mistress would watch for your safety. The stimulation, post orgasm is intense. You could even try this yourself so you get a bit used to it. It is an amazingly maddening feeling!
    Ms. Delia

  • Forrest Hicks

    I definitely have to agree post orgasmic stimulation can be a very intense maddening feeling but how I love the madness.

  • Empress Delia

    I so agree Forrest! There is something so thrilling about giving that sensation, and watching the response! It is so very hot for me. I just adore it. Intense, maddening, going cray, beyond anything are words that have been used to describe post orgasmic stimulation (were shouted out at my command). Such a toppy rush from that!
    Ms. Delia

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