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More Ways to Masturbate

More ways to stroke for me


You’re all moaning and begging for release. ..but you’re not going to get any.  We’ll remove those cock rings and those prostate massagers.  What other masturbation games can we play?  Up for a little Femdom humiliation with your stroking?  I could have each one of you . . . → Read More: More Ways to Masturbate

The BEST Maturbator

Stroker Spotlight

Team Masturbation

I had an AMAZING call last week with a caller I am just going to call “The Best Maturbator”, or TBM for short.  TBM and I have done a few guided masturbation calls in the past, and he has proclaimed his goal to become Ms. Delia’s Best. Masturbator. EVER!  . . . → Read More: The BEST Maturbator

Memorial Day Enchantrix Tribute

What Memorial Day is really about

Memorial Day Rememberances

Ms.Delia is going to step back a little today from what I normally speak about, because it is an important holiday.  Today is Memorial Day, and I think that sometimes we all forget what that’s really about.  They say that on Thanksgiving, we give . . . → Read More: Memorial Day Enchantrix Tribute

Jack’s FemDom Birthday – Part V

Cock Sucking Whore

Strap On Mistress

Jack was bobbing on the knob – of my 8-inch strap-on – and the remote control egg vibrator was buzzing away inside my pussy!   He started out as my slut, but it wasn’t long before I turned him into my bitch and my whore, and he was . . . → Read More: Jack’s FemDom Birthday – Part V

After Pussy Massage Mistress Orgasms

Mistress Has an Orgasm

Enough Pussy Teasing!

When we started this body worshiping session, you didn’t know you were going to get to turn the tables, did you?  We’re both loving this though.  I love the attention you’re giving my body…and finally, my pussy.  You love the fact that you’re getting to experience . . . → Read More: After Pussy Massage Mistress Orgasms