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Milking for Chastity

Are Those Balls Heavy and Full?

Prostate Milking Mistress

Prostate Milking Mistress

At some point during chastity, you’re going to need to do a milking to get all that cum out of those balls, so we should talk about milking. You’re probably not ready yet  as you’re only 2 weeks into Anti-Independence Month!  Milking isn’t necessary, and most Chastity Mistresses will hold to a monthly milking schedule.  Sometimes, however, it can just be a fun and for some, a humiliating experience, so I engage in it a bit more often.  The easiest way to express all that cum from your swollen balls would be to allow you to stroke until you cum.  It would probably be a ruined orgasm, but that would completely defeat the whole purpose of Anti-Independence Month, so we’re going to need to come up with some other techniques.

External Milking

Most of the fluid that makes up semen comes from your prostate.  The prostate can be milked from outside.  While you are stroking for me, you’ll need to take your other hand and massage your perineum.  That’s the skin between your ball sac and your boy pussy.  The sensation as your prostate milk is expressed has been described as like urinating, because the fluid flows out, as opposed to spurting out when you cum.  That’s part of the allure – and the frustration.  You can feel the fluid coming out, but there’s something missing – those powerful pulses from a nice, hard cum.

Internal Massage

Some of you may not be able to milk yourselves with external massage, or you may just prefer the additional pleasurable feeling you get when something is up your ass!  You can either use your finger, although I much prefer to use something like an Aneros Massager.  The Aneros not only accomplishes the goal of this exercise, it also helps you work out those Kegel muscles.  I find that my subs – Jack included – find the internal massge to be much more frustrating and humiliating than the external massage.  Being forced to give up your “essence”, without actually cumming is such a submissive act.

8 comments to Milking for Chastity

  • little1

    Goddess I like being milked thru internal massage. In the past it was done with a glass dildo but I think that I would love to try the Aneros. It is much more frustrating and humiliating to be forced with a device to give up your seed for your Mistress and Goddess without being allowed a real release and to have Goddess or Mistress make it dribble out. It certainly makes one feel submissive.

  • andy krum

    goddess i will milk your dick and release all the juice and will not satisfy my thurst to cum, my pleasure is your pleasure, once you achieve it i too have achieved it goddess.

  • Empress Delia


    I am proud of you Andy! I am away on vacation from the 20th through the 28th, so make sure to read the porn assignment!

    Ms. Delia

  • Empress Delia


    You are so correct! The aneros has that special design, and you could just sit, rock, and leak. It would be so embarassing not to have a real release!

    Ms. Delia

    I am away from the 20th to the 28th, so do leave me little1 IM messages. 🙂 I will check from time to time throughout the week. Back the night of the 28th~

  • Cum_Filled_Balls

    I, now, have lots of experience with chastity, guided masturbation, tease and denial, edging, and complete orgasm denial. I have never done prostate milking, but I may give that a try.

  • Empress Delia


    Prostate milking is a favorite of mine! I sure would be happy to coach you through your first time!

    Ms. Delia

  • Vanessa

    Mistress, I’d like the more humiliating way, with my essence just flowing out!

  • Empress Delia


    Milking you for chastity is such a lovely thought! That flowing essence would be humiliating indeed!

    Ms. Delia

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