Self Sucking

Self Suck for Mistress Delia

Self Suck for Mistress Delia

I have so many callers who want to suck their own cocks.  Why?  Well, probably because it’s the only blow job they’re ever going to get!  There’s nothing like having a pair of warm, wet lips wrapped around your cock, and some gentle sucking action to coax that load of creamy white spunk out of there, is there?  That, and it’s usually a gateway to getting them to suck other cocks!

Not for the Small Penis

Well, first of all, you need a cock that is as large and as hard as possible, so that you can actually reach it.  So, for your guys with small cocks?  Unless you’re a yoga master and flexible enough to bend yourself into a pretzel, or you have a tongue that would make Gene Simmons envious, I’m sorry, but you’re probably not going to be able to blow yourself.  Then again, no one else wants to suck that small, pathetic penis, so why should you be any different!

Making Your Cock Longer and Harder

If you want to bring out your cock’s fullest potential, I would suggest you invest in a high quality cock ring.  Sliding that down over your head and along your shaft, and then snugging it down on the base will trap all that blood in your engorged member and make it easier to reach.  You’ll need as much blood as possible trapped there, because as you’re going to find out, when you get into most of the self-sucking positions, your cock – as well as the rest of your lower body is going to be above your heart, making it more difficult to pump blood to where you want it to be.