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Reverse Cuckolding

Reverse Cuckolding is a different cuckold dynamic. I practice it because my submissive husband, Jack, is not and will never be My cuckold!

Reverse Cuckolding

I like big, meaty cocks. If you have a small penis don’t worry. I’ll play with you complete with tons of humiliation and teasing about your lack of . . . → Read More: Reverse Cuckolding

Submissive Types – Which are You?

There Is No “One” type of Submissive

Submissives for Mistress Delia

The thing I like about being a FemDom Mistress is that am able to talk to so many different kind of submissives.  No one is exactly the same, so if nothing else, it’s never boring!  Also, since I am a rather eclectic . . . → Read More: Submissive Types – Which are You?

Happy Birthday To Me!

They Say It’s My Birthday!

Happy Birthday to Ms. Delia

That’s right, my birthday is right around the corner, this week actually! So to go along with my theme of household sex toys, why don’t we talk about birthday candles!  We can use them just like larger candles – there are just more of . . . → Read More: Happy Birthday To Me!

The LDW Mistress Slumber Party

Do You Know What Goes On At A Slumber Party?

I’ll bet you think you do.  You’ve watched all those porno movies, haven’t you, where all the girls get together for a sleepover and it just turns into a lesbian orgy.  Well, this weekend’s upcoming LDW Mistress Slumber party is going to be like . . . → Read More: The LDW Mistress Slumber Party

Stroking Just the Shaft

Masturbation Mistress Delia 800 601 6975

Stroking just the shaft is a fun masturbation method! You love learning about new stroking methods from me.  You focused on just the overly sensitive head of that cock, when I wrote about mushroom stroking.  It felt so good, probably drove you just a little bit crazy . . . → Read More: Stroking Just the Shaft