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Submissive Types – The Slave

The Slave

Being a BDSM Slave brings submission to a new height. There are many who think that a slave is not a submissive, because a submissive does not give up complete control, while the slave does. I think being a slave is just another level of submission, perhaps the deepest. With this . . . → Read More: Submissive Types – The Slave

You’ve Gone Up, Now it’s Time to Go Down

You’ve gone up, and now it is time to go down…with your masturbation squeezes that is! Last week, your cockteasing bitch of a Mistress had you do the upward squeeze.  This week, we’re going to reverse that.

Squeeze That Cock…Again!

Masturbate for Ms. Delia

Instead of squeezing from the base up your shaft . . . → Read More: You’ve Gone Up, Now it’s Time to Go Down

Masturbation Record Holder

A masturbation record holder is one who can perform amazing feats with his cock or sex toys while following my stroking directions. I actually have a number of records that have been set by some superior masturbators. I hope one day you can set or break a record!

Masturbation Records

Masturbation Mistress. Delia

Length . . . → Read More: Masturbation Record Holder

Submissive Types – The Slave Heart Submissive

Slave Heart

The Slave Heart Submissive is full of emotion, devotion, and love. I’d have to say that when I collared Jack, this is probably where he was, and it is probably where he is right now. He came to me as psychological submissive, as he had always had those submissive thoughts and . . . → Read More: Submissive Types – The Slave Heart Submissive

Squeeze That Cock!

More Masturbation Techniques For You

Masturbate With a Squeeze

I’ll bet you’d think I’d run out by now, didn’t you?  Really, you though a Masturbatrix, an expert at guided masturbation like me would only have ten or so ways for you to stroke that cock?  Oh, I have so many more, and you’re . . . → Read More: Squeeze That Cock!