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Perils of Self Sucking

Be Careful What You Wish For

Or just be careful!  So many of my callers want to suck cock, but they’re…oh, let’s call it self-centered.  They only want to suck their own cock.  Now, if you were a faithful reader over last summer, you know I did a whole series on how to suck . . . → Read More: Perils of Self Sucking

Backhanded Masturbation

Hot Masturbation

More Head Stimulation

Oh, stroker slut, believe me, I know exactly which head I’m stimulating – and it’s not the one on the top of your body.  You see, I do love mind fucking you, but that isn’t exactly stimulating the brain in your head.  No, the head stimulation I’m talking . . . → Read More: Backhanded Masturbation

Why CFNM IS Such A Great Fetish

Take off those clothes!

How Come There’s No CMNF Fetish?

So, Ms. Delia was sitting around the other day, in between phone sex calls, and I got to thinking.  Why is the Clothed Female, Naked Male such a hot fantasy?  And how come there’s not really a Clothed Male, Naked Female fetish.  Okay, . . . → Read More: Why CFNM IS Such A Great Fetish

There’s a New Anal Play Expert in the Empire

Keep Begging, bitch! I May Give you This!

Bendova Bois Need to Check Out Ms. Lydia

Ms. Lydia has a new blog – Bend Over For Mistress – and I urge every anal play enthusiast to head over there and check it out.  She just posted an interview with yours truly, Ms. Delia, . . . → Read More: There’s a New Anal Play Expert in the Empire

Thumbing Your Cock

Hot Masturbation

Did you think this was about ruined orgasms?

Silly stroker slut, it’s Masturbation Monday!  Do you think Ms. Delia would be that evil?  Give you a new masturbation technique and then tell you to ruin your orgasm?  Well, of course I would, but we’ll save that for another day.  While thumbing . . . → Read More: Thumbing Your Cock