Take off those clothes!

Take off those clothes!

How Come There’s No CMNF Fetish?

So, Ms. Delia was sitting around the other day, in between phone sex calls, and I got to thinking.  Why is the Clothed Female, Naked Male such a hot fantasy?  And how come there’s not really a Clothed Male, Naked Female fetish.  Okay, I’m sure there is – anything can be a fetish, and just about everything is – but when I did a Google search, there were over 54 MILLION! hits for CFNM, and there were only just over a million for CMNF.

Open and Vulnerable

In a BDSM context, either naked fetish would seem to be about being naked and vulnerable in front of the Dominant, having no clothes to hide your responses and everything that’s going on.  It can also be a power exchange dynamic – the Dominant has the option to wear clothes and only allows the submissive to see what they allow to be seen.  I think it’s something else though, something more – fashionable.

We Have Better Clothes

That’s right, we Dommes have better fetish wear!  Sure, as a submissive, I can put you in a leather body harness, or maybe some leather short shorts.  If you’re a sissy, we have so many options – panties, bras, lingerie, full femme dress.  But, what is more powerful that a Domme dressed in black leather – maybe a bustier, a short leather skirt and stiletto heeled boots?  Even if I’m wearing a wool pencil skirt, button up blouse and high heels, is there anything else that just screams female dominance and control of you and your horny cock?  I didn’t think so….