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All Day Edging Quest

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All Day Edge Challenge

I love the opportunity to give a stroker a challenge to do all day edging with check ins throughout the day. Recently I had one edging pet ask to be denied for the whole day….and I was only too happy to give this . . . → Read More: All Day Edging Quest

Sensitivity Cock Training

Hot Masturbation

The Most Sensitive Part

Welcome to another Masturbation Monday, strokers.  Today, I think I think we’ll do some sensitivity training.  And by that, I mean we’re going to train the most sensitive part of your cock – the head!  That area of your prick contains the most nerve endings – it’s . . . → Read More: Sensitivity Cock Training

The Fetish Event

Fetish Mistress Delia

What A Pervy Time

Ms. Delia went to a wonderful fetish convention this weekend!  It was great to be dressed up in all my fetish attire and be able to walk around in public – with Jack following behind me like a dutiful little slave.  And getting to see all . . . → Read More: The Fetish Event

Deep Scrotum

Hot Masturbation

Massage Those Balls!

This Masturbation Monday technique is going to take some practice and an ability to multitask.  I know all you stroker sluts will do just fine, because you’ve had so much practice jerking off that it’s just like a reflex!  So, all you’re really going to need to focus . . . → Read More: Deep Scrotum

Happy Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Stroker!

Do We Really Need a Holiday To Love One Another?

Happy Valentine’s to all my callers!  No matter what type of submissive you are , there’s a place for you this Valentine’s Day.  I hope you have a special someone to spend the day – and a hot night! – . . . → Read More: Happy Valentine’s Day