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Small Cocks Are Useless

Really? That’s all you brought to the party?

Where are the big cocks?

I’ve been getting quite the run of calls lately from all you guys with small penises – pencil dicks – nubs – eraser heads.  Where have the big cocks gone?  I like playing with big, hard, thick, throbbing cocks.  Stroking . . . → Read More: Small Cocks Are Useless

Food Fetish Fantasies

Food Fetish

A New Site

Did you know that we have a new site here at Enchantrix Empire?  It’s Food Fetish Fantasies and it’s all about vanilla – as long as you mean vanilla ice cream mixed in with your sex!  Oh, we can also do chocolate, or raspberry ripple, marshamallows and candied . . . → Read More: Food Fetish Fantasies

Pillow Humping

Hot Masturbation

It’s All About The Friction

That’s what gets you off when you stroke.  Hell, it’s what gets me off when I masturbate in front of you to tease you with what you can’t have. Friction!  That wonderful feeling of rubbing your naughty bits.  It’s how, with just a little bit of . . . → Read More: Pillow Humping

BDSM Newbies

Pop Your Cherry With Ms. Delia!

New To The Enchantrix Empire

We have some new ladies here at Enchantrix Empire – Ms. Marlena, Ms. Taylor and Princess Chelsea.  You should check them out at Enchantrix Auditions.  I’ve already done a 2 mistress call with Ms. Marlena and she was amazing.  I can’t wait . . . → Read More: BDSM Newbies

A Submissive Responds

Your Comments Are Interesting

A Power Exchange

Last week, I wrote a post about how I don’t think submission is necessarily a gift – how I look at it as an exchange.  An exchange of power, an exchange of control, or just an exchange of sensations.  I got a few emails from you . . . → Read More: A Submissive Responds