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More Masturbation

Hot Masturbation

Would you like a glass of balls with that?

You think I’m running out of Masturbation Monday techniques?  Oh, no, stroker pets, I have more.  I’m just getting warmed up!  You’d think Masturbation Month was approaching…wait, it is!  Only two more days until Masturbation May starts, and I’ll have even more . . . → Read More: More Masturbation

Do You Need Cock Control?

Let me think,,,Of course you need Cock Control!

Masturbation May Is Coming

May has always been Masturbation Month here at Enchantrix Empire and all of us Cock Control Mistresses are preparing to tease, edge and, maybe – oh, who am I kidding, most likely – deny you!  I’s Masturbation Month – no one . . . → Read More: Do You Need Cock Control?

Dry Humping the Couch

Hot Masturbation

Come on, you know you’ve all done it!

You have, admit it, don’t lie to Ms. Delia!  You know you’ve all humped your couch, a chair, your bed at one time or another.  I know that for some of you, it’s really the only way you ever masturbate – even though . . . → Read More: Dry Humping the Couch

7 Labours of Ms. Delia

Welcome to the Seven Labours of Ms. Delia!  Hercules had 12 Labours he had to complete for Zeus.  Well, you’re really not Hercules are you?  He was quite the man – okay, if you watch those cheesy movies he may have actually been pretty gay, but I’m certain he was a top in any . . . → Read More: 7 Labours of Ms. Delia

Chastity Masturbation

Masturbation for Mistress Delia

Think That Doesn’t Make Sense?

Are you thinking the title of this post is kind of an oxymoron?  Like jumbo shrimp?  Or military intelligence?  I mean, if you’re in chastity, how can you masturbate, right?  Isn’t chastity the very definition of the absence of masturbation?  It’s not.  Yes, chastity . . . → Read More: Chastity Masturbation