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“Public” Small Penis Humiliation

Join the Humiliation Party!

Is there anything more humiliating than having someone tell you how small, useless, worthless, or inadequate your penis is? It does cut to the core, doesn’t it? And worst of all, you know it is true. I love it when a man understands his failings, and expects Mistress to . . . → Read More: “Public” Small Penis Humiliation

A Phone Session with Mistress Delia

How Will I Play With You Today?

Setting up a Phone Session

When you set up a phone session with me, what you need to know is that I love to find out all of the kinks  that turn you on, and then exploit them to give you the cock control you crave! . . . → Read More: A Phone Session with Mistress Delia

Cold Masturbation

Hot Masturbation

My Teasing can be Cold

I can be cold and clinical when I’m teasing and tormenting your horny cock.  I can just speak about it in a very detached and depersonalized manner, and for some of my strokers they like that.  They like to think they are some kind of experiment, . . . → Read More: Cold Masturbation

Waking Up Sexy

Morning in Bed with Ms. Delia

Most of my sluts are aware that I’ve got a sexy, submissive husband, Jack who is blessed with a beautiful, gorgeous, sexy thick cock.  After Jack and I have had a sexy BDSM session, occasionally, one or both of us wake up with some extra sexy morning needs. Good thing we . . . → Read More: Waking Up Sexy

Beg Mistress to Stroke

I Don’t Hear You Begging!

Beg for Mistress

Hello, strokers and sissies.  I hope everyone’s been a horny pet or a slutty girl for me.  I hope nobody has been stroking cock or clitty without begging for My permission! I say this simply because of the name of this blog. BEG for Mistress. . . . → Read More: Beg Mistress to Stroke