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An All Day Masturbation Challenge

How Many Times Can You Cum?

You want to cum, do you?

Well, that really was a rhetorical question, my strokaholic.  Of course you want to cum…and then you want to cum again…and again.  Usually, my cock control means that you get teased and edged and only get to cum when I feel . . . → Read More: An All Day Masturbation Challenge

A Stroker’s Ode

Poor stroker!

It’s All About Control

That’s what I like about being a controlling Mistress – controlling your cock.  It’s so much fun to take away your ability to do what you desire most – to cum!  I can tease and edge you for hours, I can ruin your orgasm or I can . . . → Read More: A Stroker’s Ode

Interview With A Self-Sucker

I have put up a number of posts about how to suck your own cock, and I finally had one of my self-suckers not only call me, but do a cam session with me, so I could actually watch him bob on his own knob!  It was so hot, and after we got into . . . → Read More: Interview With A Self-Sucker

Wacking It On A Wednesday

Hot Masturbation

It’s Time To Squat

Normally, this would be a Masturbation Monday post, but you’ll just have to wack it on a Wednesday!  This one’s going to require you to not only have cock control – you’re going to need some strength and endurance in your legs.  You’re going to squat down . . . → Read More: Wacking It On A Wednesday

Lovely Leg Fetish

Would You Like To Kiss All The Way Up These Legs?

I Know Why Men Love Legs so Much

Do you have a leg fetish? I completely understand. Long, lean, toned, and graceful legs simply demand worship, don’t they? I bet you love watching a woman stride down a street, twirl on a . . . → Read More: Lovely Leg Fetish