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Cum Eating For Straight Guys

You WILL eat your cum!

I’m Straight.  Why Would I Eat Cum?

I guess because I told you to isn’t a good enough answer?  Well, it should be.  You should be happy that I allow you to shoot that load, and in return, you should be willing to do something for me – . . . → Read More: Cum Eating For Straight Guys

Cock Control Music

Look Into My Eyes And I’ll Own You!

Music Can Be Kinky

I wrote a post a while back about how Mr. Brightsides by The Killers seemed to me to be a whole song about cuckolding.  Well, I have a kinky mind – did any of you doubt that? – and as I . . . → Read More: Cock Control Music

Another Masturbation Technique For You

Hot Masturbation

Masturbation Instructions

All of you chronic strokers and male masturbation fanatics love these posts, don’t you?  A phonesex Mistress like Ms. Delia, giving you masturbation instructions and teaching you new male masturbation techniques ( I mean, I’m a bi-sexual Mistress, I’ll teach female masturbation techniques as well, but I like to . . . → Read More: Another Masturbation Technique For You

Safe CBT

Testicle Tormenter Toy

Let’s Not Ruin Those Family Jewels

My phone erotica callers tend to get on streaks.  Yes, I always have the guided masturbation fans and the sissy cocksuckers.  Lately though, a lot of you have been calling to have some CBT fun.  At least it’s fun for me.  Ms. Delia loves . . . → Read More: Safe CBT

Ms. Delia Fills Your Spank Bank

I Wonder What’s In Your Spank Bank?

You Know What A Spank Bank Is, Don’t You?

Spank bank is slang for all the fantasies and thoughts you have running through your head that are guaranteed to get you off.  Ms. Layla likes to talk about ‘trigger words” – things like slut, stroke that . . . → Read More: Ms. Delia Fills Your Spank Bank