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Tug On It Tuesday

Ms. Delia Is Back!

…and I missed Masturbation Monday!  So, we’ll just have to go with Tug On It Tuesday!  I’m sure none of you strokers is going to complain…are you?  If you do, I can always leave you denied…and then spank your ass for being such a brat!

How About Some Food Masturbation . . . → Read More: Tug On It Tuesday

Eating Jack’s Cum

Should we share Jack’s cum?

Sharing Cum

It’s another Freaky Friday and another way to eat cum.  Up to now, I’ve been talking about eating your own cum, but if you’re going to do this one with me, then – lucky Jack! – we’re going to be sharing a load of his cum.  . . . → Read More: Eating Jack’s Cum

Off to the Triathlon

Should I swim, bike and run in this?

NOT Your Masturbation Triathlon

Ms. Delia is off to her triathlon.  I will have very limited availability from Thursday, October 1oth through Sunday October 20th.  However, I know I cannot leave you  cock control sluts, slaves and sissies to your own devices – who knows . . . → Read More: Off to the Triathlon

An Erotic Halloween Story

Deeper into the House of Horrors

What pretty panties! Did Ms. Constance’s Haunted Panties scare you?  Aren’t you ready to turn back?  Or are you such a slut, so controlled by your own needs and the needs of that pathetic, horny cock, that you just have no choice but to continue on?  Well, head . . . → Read More: An Erotic Halloween Story

A Cum Eater’s Breakfast

Cum! Part of A Well-Balanced Breakfast!

What a Wonderful Name For Cookies

Spunkmeyer – they just have a ring to them, don’t they?  I mean, there I am, minding my own business, when one of my callers says he wants to eat his cum – but he wants to do it in a very . . . → Read More: A Cum Eater’s Breakfast