Abandoning an orgasm leads to a ruined orgasm. It is that simple. In this series on ruined orgasms, I have gone over some of my favorite techniques so far to include scrunching and squelching. Today will will be learning a new technique called abandoning. This really is a FAVORITE of mine, and one I love for men to practice for me.

I Wonder if you can RUIN it?

I Wonder if you can RUIN it?

How do I abandon an Orgasm?

Your goal is to not cum. To abandon, all you need to do is stop stroking that cock. The key here is not HOW, but WHEN!  It is imperative that you stroke that cock until the moment that it is about to cum, then STOP. Seriously, just stop all stimulation. Take away your hand, and take a deep breath, exhale, and relax all of your muscles.

What will abandoning feel like?

Abandoning an orgasm will feel like an edge, but much stronger. Some cum may escape, but it should not shoot out like a real orgasm would. Instead you may get a smaller pulse of cum, and then smaller dribbles. Abandoning, because it is SO close to edging should leave you horny, and ready for more! How many ruined orgasms do you think you can take?

Ms. Delia’s Abandoned Orgasm Challenge

Here’s where we have FUN! I want you to set aside some time this week for  this. I want you to edge and ruin as many times as you can. I expect this will be an intense session, and I want to hear all about it here in comments or in an email! Happy ruining!