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Stroking for Christmas Poll

Today I wonder if you will be stroking, ruining an orgasm, denying yourself or something else!

If Christmas is your holiday, have a very Merry one! If not, let’s call this Stroker Day, and please enjoy the poll!

For me, I am opening what Santa brought me from my naughty list!!


4 comments to Stroking for Christmas Poll

  • Cum_Filled_Balls

    Dear Mistress Delia,

    Ah! Yes! Today is Christmas, and, having had my testicles spanked early this morning today, I have been given permission to remain naked do a stroking workout masturbation marathon for up to 4 hours. 🙂 Now that those testicles feel slightly sore, I will be denying myself any orgasms, though, as demanded by my mistresses. 🙂

  • fscguy

    I am visiting family so I couldn’t stroke but also didn’t have permission to stroke.

  • Empress Delia

    Oh cum filled balls…

    A 4 hour masturbation marathon sounds amazing! Of course your balls would be aching and blue! Let me know how it goes…

    Ms. Delia 🙂

  • Empress Delia

    🙂 It’s OK, fscguy!

    I know you did find time to stroke with me on cam recently 😉 Very sexy show. The ruined orgasm…and time it took to cum after that was so hot!

    Keep practicing those kegels!

    Ms. Delia

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