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Poll: What Best Enhances your Orgasm?

Orgasm Enhancing is HOT!

You know Ms. Delia ia all about enhancing your orgasms…when I allow them. So I REALLY want to know what techniques that you have found here or elsewhere have helped to make your orgasms more intense, stronger, hotter, and all around just BETTER?

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Endurance Stroking

Endurance stroking in what Ms. Delia wants! Forget about that orgasm! I have several stroke-a-holics who like to call up and they’ve either been stroking for hours before they pick up the phone, or they spend hours on the phone with me jerking off.  My Virgin Stroker is one of those chronic masturbators and edgers.  He can stroke . . . → Read More: Endurance Stroking

Premature Ejaculation Advice

If you need premature ejaculation advice because you suffer from that embarrassing and humiliating problem, well this is the blog for you. My IM’s are often full of important questions, and I recently had a man write to me about his premature ejaculation fetish.

Plea from a Premature Ejaculator


Do you cum too fast?

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Men Learning to Suck Cock

Men Learning to suck cock is something that Ms. Delia takes very seriously! I love hearing stories of my stroker sluts learning to suck cock, or taking a cock for the first time! Cock sucking fantasies are something I really love. I even have had Jack suck cock, so men sucking other men, learning . . . → Read More: Men Learning to Suck Cock

Are You a Looner

I am loony for looners! As a Phone Sex Femdom, I get to hear about all kinds of fetishes.  Foot fetishes, boot fetishes, food fetishes, furry fetishes. I have guys who are addicted to cock, and those who can’t get off unless they’re being spanked.

Looners and Balloons

But I love looners!  I am so fascinated by . . . → Read More: Are You a Looner