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Strap-On Sex In My New Place

You know you’re finally settled in when you can have strap-on sex with abandon!  You see, as Jack and I have been out on our

Big Strap on

explorations, and I’ve been training for my triathlon, things got a little busy and hectic.  As a result, things got neglected – like his ass! The problem . . . → Read More: Strap-On Sex In My New Place

The Epic Edger

Mistress Delia is thrilled to announce that the epic edger has returned to break his very own LONG edge riding record in a very sexy masturbation call. My caller, being in the masturbating mood, decided to try something he has not tried for a while! Knowing that his under-endowment makes it so easy for a Mistress to . . . → Read More: The Epic Edger

Hands Free Masturbation

Don’t stroke, but still CUM!

Hands Free Masturbation is SO interesting because when you DON’T stroke, your masturbation can get to a higher intensity level!! Any guy can cum when they’re masturbating and jerking off their cock.  That’s how you’re all wired.  Pumping away gets the jizz to spurt out.  Of course, you’re supposed to be . . . → Read More: Hands Free Masturbation

Weekend of Denial

Do you ever wonder about short-term denial, like a weekend of chastity and denial? A few men have 8 weeks of blue balls in honor of the Seahawks winning The Big Game!  I’ve got a bunch of subs who foolishly bet me that the Peyton face would not make an appearance last Sunday – . . . → Read More: Weekend of Denial

Cuckolded by a Friend

Have you ever been cuckolded by a friend? I recently had a very sexy call with TWO men who did a cuckolding session with me.

Cuckolded by Ms. Delia

You must know how much I adore the cuckolding dynamic! To have two men on the phone, one the cuckold and one the sexy . . . → Read More: Cuckolded by a Friend