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In the Masturbating Mood

Getting In The Masturbating Mood

Are you in a Masturbating Mood?

One of the things about my Epic Edger Kevin is that he calls me when he’s, as he says “In The Masturbating Mood”.  Since he is being cuckolded by his wife, his only outlet for sex is from jerking off.  She also . . . → Read More: In the Masturbating Mood

Is There a Right Way To Cuckold

Ms. Delia On Cuckolding…and I have many thoughts like is there a “right” way to cuckold a man? After lots of practice and play with the cuck and bull dynamics, I would say no.


Cuck Rules from Ms. Delia

Cuckolding is a big subject, with many different reasons for the cuck to . . . → Read More: Is There a Right Way To Cuckold

Looking For A Masturbatorium

They Don’t Put a Masturbatorium In The Listings

So, you know Ms. Delia has moved.  And I’m looking for a new house to buy…and I made an offer that got accepted, so I guess I AM buying a house.  Now in talking with my Epic Edger, he told me about a special room he . . . → Read More: Looking For A Masturbatorium

Chastity When Married

Are you a married chastity slaves? How do you handle the constraints of chastity devices when married? I have a lot of chastity slaves who are married.  Now, for some of them, this doesn’t pose a problem.  Besides being chastity slaves, they’re also being cuckolded by their hot wives, so those ladies are getting their needs met . . . → Read More: Chastity When Married