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Anal Masturbation Technique

Looking for some new anal toys to review for anal masturbation techniques, I came across the Titan Men Rough Rider.  Doesn’t it look like a balance ball with a big, black cock sticking out of the top of it?  What a way to get those core muscles strong and tight – while your fucking . . . → Read More: Anal Masturbation Technique

Tittie Training Audio and Poll


Naughty Nipple Play

Have you ever thought of adding nipple play to your masturbation routine? I am very curious about what nipple stimulation you enjoy most! So listen to the sexy audio I made for you, then leave a comment here on this blog, or just vote in the poll. Enjoy the audio! . . . → Read More: Tittie Training Audio and Poll

Tough Titties Tuesday

I want you to toughen up those titties!

I Like Nipples

I really like playing with nipples – men and women’s alike!  For men, it’s a great way to get them hard (okay, harder than they already are!) and horny without ever touching their cocks.  For many women, nipples are like a direct . . . → Read More: Tough Titties Tuesday

How To Get In The Masturbating Mood

How To Get In The Masturbating Mood can be a tough thing to do. Maybe you can easily masturbate, or maybe you need some extra motivation to stroke it like the slut you are!

Masturbate for Mistress Delia

That Masturbating Mood

One of the things about my Epic Edger Kevin is that he . . . → Read More: How To Get In The Masturbating Mood

3 Ways to Eat Cum

3 Cum Eating Ways


I enjoy teaching men to eat cum. After all, I do it as do many women. If we can do it, so can you! I figured since the Teasemania Sound Files Forums are open to the public now that I would do an audio about this!

Go to . . . → Read More: 3 Ways to Eat Cum