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Cuckold Assignment Audio

Cuckold Lessons!

If you have read my blog this week, you KNOW my focus has been on smaller penises and my writing has had a bit of a humiliation edge to it. Did you visit The Visualizer yet?

Well, this audio is for those cuckold wannabes who think about cuckolding, but are not . . . → Read More: Cuckold Assignment Audio

Teeny Tiny Thursday 2

Here are some more thoughts from my pindicked subby…

Is That Really All There Is?

Trying To Mask Her Disappointment

I am sure some guys might hear “oh wow” or “my goodness” or something he can interpret as flattering. She’s impressed.  There is nothing we’d rather do than impress her.  But to a . . . → Read More: Teeny Tiny Thursday 2

How Does Your Cock Compare?

Oh, my, that is tiny!

Compare Your Cock To The Bull’s

If your hot wife is cuckolding you, you surely know that one of the reasons is because you have a teeny tiny dick. She can’t possibly be pleased by that thin, short piece of meat you call a cock.  You tried, cuckie, . . . → Read More: How Does Your Cock Compare?

A Red, White And Blue Assignment

Normally, my Memorial Day posts are serious.  This one may be fun, but remember all the veteran’s who have served our country, because that’s what the day is all about!

Your White Panties

C’mon panty bois!  It’s Memorial Day, and you can finally pull out your white panties and put those on!  I hope . . . → Read More: A Red, White And Blue Assignment

Sexy Stroking Audio

Stroke for Me!


Oh, stroker do you think you have style and rhythm when you stroke that cock? I want to give you a bit of basic training with that stroke, and work on your finesse! 

Enjoy this audio and all the other sexy audios in Teasemania in the Sexy Femdom Sound . . . → Read More: Sexy Stroking Audio