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Metronome Masturbation Technique Audio

Metronome Masturbation

One of my sexy strokers gave me the idea for metronome masturbation, so I did this audio, and will follow up with a couple of challenges, one here on my blog, and one on the MayiCum site. Yes, I was that taken by the idea of a man stroking . . . → Read More: Metronome Masturbation Technique Audio

How to Be Submissive When you Have No Mistress

Can one be submissive when he has no Mistress?

I can help you be a submissive.

Oh yes! For most of your life you have had an inkling that you were more comfortable serving others, and pleasing people, and you have done those behaviors that feel right and comfortable. In adult life through . . . → Read More: How to Be Submissive When you Have No Mistress

The Cowardly Sissy

It is OK to be Gay

This is a story about Daisy, the cowardly sissy who in reality is a man who loves crossdressing and other men SO much, but is far too timid to come out of the closet to experience life as a gay man.

This is not the typical story . . . → Read More: The Cowardly Sissy

Would You Rather…With Jack, Part 3

Sasha Harness by Eden Fantasys

Fucking The Cum Out Of You

 You ride me, my orgasm building and you hit every spot that make me quiver and shake till i explode all over my stomach which you so nicely scoop up and feed me my own cum, the cum you have driven out of . . . → Read More: Would You Rather…With Jack, Part 3

Cum Craving Audio

Do you have a Cum Craving?

I know that you often crave cum even if when we do a call you do not get to eat it all up for me. And then there are those of you who get into a special cum eating position so you can shoot it right into . . . → Read More: Cum Craving Audio