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Coctoberfest Fate Finale

Oh dear sweet subbie, you have finally come out from the Cock Radio show to find what fate has in store for you. You knew this was going to be your very last stop, and that the final torments would await you here.

You see, I possess your soul now. You lost . . . → Read More: Coctoberfest Fate Finale

3 New Masturbation Positions

New Masturbation Positions are very sexy when you need to change things up. It has been a while since I did a masturbation post. I have been feeling the urge, and I bet you have too!

Masturbation Mistress Delia

When the urge strikes to masturbate, if you have a few techniques, you really . . . → Read More: 3 New Masturbation Positions

Desperate Chastity Slave

Are You Desperate?

Your Desperation Makes Me Wet

I get so turned on when you’re desperate to cum.  The more desperate you are, the hotter and wetter it gets me.  It’s really evil of me.  Letting you think tonight might be the night…but knowing there is no way I’m going to let you . . . → Read More: Desperate Chastity Slave

Why You Need A Strap-On Mistress

If you’re a butt slut, you already know why you need a Strap-on Mistress.  If you’re are curious about anal play, you might not be sure.

You Need A Strap-on Mistress

Experience = Fun

I’ve known many submissives and slaves who have had really bad experiences with strap-on sex, and it has turned . . . → Read More: Why You Need A Strap-On Mistress

Hot And Cold

Let’s Play Hot and Cold

About Temperature Play

Temperature play is another type of sensation play.  I like playing with different sensations and seeing just what kind of reaction I can get out of you.  When I wrote about keeping slaves naked, a few of the comments I got from the other LDW . . . → Read More: Hot And Cold