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Holiday Winterfest Challenge Part 1

Kay Marie Kinky Wonderland

Hope you are all enjoying your holidays and of course the walk through our Kinky Wonderland. Today, Ms Delia is graciously hosting me on her blog. As we are about to wrap up our month, I thinking about one of the biggest complaints I’ve heard from friends is stopping . . . → Read More: Holiday Winterfest Challenge Part 1

Winterfest Song Part 2

Happy WInterfest

If you have not read the first part of the Winterfest song, please do so over on Ms. Kay Marie’s blog first, then pop back here and sing it out loud! It should become a fun holiday song for every year!

The Winterfest Song (Part 2)

On the eighth day of . . . → Read More: Winterfest Song Part 2

Caught Masturbating

Happy Winterfest

So this Winterfest post is about being caught masturbating. I know many of you have done a little self service guided masturbation, especially when family and friends deck your halls and guest rooms, and you just need to rub one out. But this story should tickle you because Ms. Delia was . . . → Read More: Caught Masturbating

Cuckolding and Cocksucking

I think cuckolding and cocksucking go together so well! I mean to be a cuckold, some part of you has to understand that you are sexually inferior to both the woman you covet and her bull. That part is true, oh so true. You want to be a stud, an alpha male, but you . . . → Read More: Cuckolding and Cocksucking

Masturbation Technique Review

Masturbation Technique Review

Masturbation Technique from Ms. Delia

For about a year, I did Masturbation Mondays, and gave many different masturbation techniques for men to try out! I have loved the feedback on each technique, and have been thrilled to hear about masturbation being enhanced! This Masturbation Technique Review is for the “twist and . . . → Read More: Masturbation Technique Review