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Holiday Winterfest Challenge Part 1

Kay Marie Kinky Wonderland

Kay Marie Kinky Wonderland

Hope you are all enjoying your holidays and of course the walk through our Kinky Wonderland. Today, Ms Delia is graciously hosting me on her blog. As we are about to wrap up our month, I thinking about one of the biggest complaints I’ve heard from friends is stopping at all the different houses in one day. Kind of reminded me of my favorite game here at LDW ~ Pass The Penis. Only I assure you ~ You will not complain at all about the stops you will be making with each Mistress.


Getting Started

I can’t say it enough ~ I love to play Pass the Penis. Think about how excited your host gets when you arrive in the drive – that’s how I feel when I am part of the game. I am very excited when you get to me. Like many good hostesses, I greet you and get you comfortable. And of course, I want to know how many more”stops” you have to make – lol. This way I know how much I can feed you or in this case – tease you! If I am first and you are just getting started, I like to push it a little more with you. But it’s the holidays and we’re all about switching things up a little and really over doing it.

 Holiday Pass The Penis Challenge

This Winterfest has been a smashing success with Mistresses of LDW tempting, cock teasing, and tormenting you with their naughtiest holiday ideas! You ALL are on the Naughty List this year, and we all know the naughty list is really where everyone wants to be. And because you are doing so well with Winterfest comments and blog reading, you have earned a challenge! And not just any challenge, a Holiday Pass the Penis Challenge.

Mistress Kay Marie

Mistress Kay Marie

 The Winterfest Song Challenge

A Winterfest song was created, so the theme of this challenge will be to do activities that go along with that song! What can you expect? Well, in the song, the LDW Mistresses put you through so much including: caging up your cocks, getting you to eat cum, giving you hard Mistress spankings, and making sure those prostate milking sessions left you empty! But I am going to add a little to that song. I am going to pass you to Ms. Delia to get your challenge. Are you up for it?? Bet you she keeps you up – lol. The real question is will any one of us let you cum down??


Check my site tomorrow for the your challenge from Ms Delia on the next stop in the walk through the Kinky Wonderland. Thank you Ms. Delia for hosting me.


Holiday Hugs & Kisses,

Ms Kay Marie

8 comments to Holiday Winterfest Challenge Part 1

  • Ms Cooper

    Great post and I also love pass the penis. Love to be one of the Mistresses teasing and denying and then passing him off to the next Mistress. So many different games can be played in much the same way. The guys love being teased by as many Mistress as they want to play in the game and not knowing what the fate of their cock will be……..NO lol

  • Oh Ms. Kay Marie!

    Again, I enjoyed teaming up with you to create this challenge! I really think the Winterfest Spirit has gotten hold of us! Of course there needs to be a challenge! And I like the idea of passing these guys around!

    It should be a VERY naughty end to the year!

    Ms. Delia

  • Empress Delia

    Exactly, Ms. Cooper!

    Not knowing is half the fun! 🙂

    And teasing is so much fun for the Mistresses too!

  • kneel cc

    Thank You both, Mistresses Delia and Kay Marie, for all of the fun Winterfest Blog posts.

    i love the idea of this challenge and must confess in my several years as an LDW connoisseur, i have yet to take a stroll on the Pass the Penis circuit. Perhaps, one of these days, Mistress might consider me worthy of such unsupervised sharing.

    Until then, i must say i am very content with our recent “Show and Tell” introductory sessions, and the several follow-on two Mistress scenes that have ensued. 😀

  • What a nice sexy surprise to find Ms. Kay Marie here at Ms. Delia’s place! And what a fun game to play at the end of our kinky wonderland. I, like our callers, am always UP for a game of pass the penis! A perfect penis way to bring in the New Year!xxoo

  • Great challenge, for the holiday season or anytime Ms. Kay (and Ms. Delia) Pass the Penis is such fun, a great way for us to pass the guys around and add on to each other’s fun with them! I love it… and I know of many cocks that do as well 😉

  • I’ve definitely enjoyed the Kinky Wonderland series, and add me to the list of ladies that adore a rousing (and arousing) game of Pass the Penis. There’s something so sweetly naughty about turning a stroker into a horny little party favor, it’s a ton of fun for everyone involved! The darling hand humpers get soooooo worked up as their dicks twitch and their balls swell, sometimes they forget the darnedest things—in one case, not only did the stroker forget how many more ladies he needed to visit, he even forgot his own name! 😀

  • Empress Delia

    I am glad you loved posts, kneel!!

    🙂 We can think about a PTP for you, perhaps on an even day!! Hehe! I have ideas!

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