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Stuffing the Submissive for the Holidays

kinkywonderlandI hope you are enjoying the LDW Winterfest! Ms. Olivia’s blog before mine dealt with 8 maids a milking, so that prostate got stimulated! Today, I am going to carry on that theme of anal play with “stuffing the turkey” or anal fucking!

Anal stuffing Mistress

Anal stuffing Mistress

There is a porn clip I love to watch. It was sent to me by kneelcc who absolutely adored it! It is super hot, and is the inspiration for this blog. Picture if you will two hot Femdom Mistresses and a trussed up submissive. Both Mistresses had on their strap-ons. One was stuffing his face, and the other was stuffing his slut hole. Since subbie was all trussed up (like a turkey, lol) you can see why this bit of porn was an inspiration to me as I love stuffing those subbies!

Mistress stuffs a submissive’s Hole

This is not a sexy seductive way to get some prostate milking done. Oh no! This is much more raw and primal. This is about getting the job done! I mean think of it when you are really stuffing the turkey, You rough all that stuffing in making sure to fill every nook and cranny of that bird! This is no different for a subbie who is being stuffed like this! I am a strap-on femdom, and I love stuffing!

BIG Strap-on play

In keeping with the theme and the spirit of the holidays, subbie will be VERY well stuffed. A large strap on dildo is perfect for the slut hole, horny as it is, and a another large dildo for submissive to suck and deep throat! It is important to stuff a subbie from both ends! Then the strap on stuffing begins!

Strap-on Stuffing

That subbie gets filled over and over. He takes the maximum width and length of each dildo until he is so filled up that he makes a little gravy all on his own! I know Ms. Kellie is going to do a post on yummy gravy, so head to her blog tomorrow!

Happy Holidays! Think of Mistress Delia when stuffing that turkey! Try not to get hard in front of guests!

11 comments to Stuffing the Submissive for the Holidays

  • Very hot, Ms. Delia! I’ll definitely have this very vivid image in mind every time I hear someone talk about stuffing the turkey this holiday season. The porn clip that kneelcc sent you sounds incredibly sexy; I love the sight of a helpless trussed up subbie between two strap-on Mistresses.

  • Empress Delia

    Thanks, Ms. Marlena!

    The clip is a sexy favorite for me 🙂 Makes me want to double stuff a submissive right now 🙂

  • Ms Delia ~ Since I have actually seen that particular clip I can attest to just how hot it is!!! I assure you, I will not think about the holiday beast the same way! We all know the holidays are about over indulging and what is more indulgent than being stuffed by not one but two Mistresses?? Thank you for this stop along the Kinky Wonderland.

  • kneel cc

    Oh Mistress, i’m so glad You found the shared video …inspirational.;)
    Sadly, the turkey stuffing contest at my last play part was cancelled due to inclement weather; 🙁 so i didn’t get to participate. i do need to share though how much i love the experiences You have been kind enough to provide me with over the years by inviting so many of Your Mistress friends to act as the other half of the rotisserie for “slut on a spit” sessions. i think the only thing needed to make our next one a turkey stuffing, might be a bit of trussing, or perhaps a “hog-tie” 😀

  • Empress Delia

    kneelcc –

    That sucks that your play party could not go all the way & you missed a good stuffing!

    I like the idea of a hog tie!!


  • Empress Delia

    So true, Ms. Kay Marie!!

    We really do have sexy fun watching porn!

    I did love my stop in the Kinky Wonderland!

  • D

    Amazing post, Ms. Delia! I like the idea of the stuffing being raw and primal — in our next session I hope you will treat me like that! If anyone could get that achieve that effect in a cam call it would be you.

  • Empress Delia

    Oh, indeed I will pe!!

    🙂 I think on our next call, I might work all of that into a fantasy with you!

    Ms. Delia

  • Hehe, Kinky Wonderland, I love it! Yeah, I always feel like I’m violating the turkey when I stuff it! So stuffing a little subbie is the perfect thing! You all know how I love to stuff a subbie. I am going to get a girl boner when I stuff my Christmas bird, for sure, with with this visual!

  • I am enjoying the Kinky Winter Wonderland Ms. Delia, all of the posts are so fun and festive. And your take here on “stuffing the turkey” anal play style (or did I get that backward, lol…) is too entertaining!

    Of course you know from previous sessions that you and I have shared together, that anytime I get to put on my strap-on and stuff a submissive slut, I’m a happy Mistress! Great post!!

  • Empress Delia

    Hi Ms. Christine 🙂

    Oh yes. I like how we can share and stuff submissives!!! 🙂 Oh it IS entertaining!

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