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MILF Mistress Layla Guest Post

MILF Mistress Layla

MILF Body Worship 101

Of course it does. As a sexy, experienced MILF Mistress, there is nothing I like more than teaching an inexperienced younger guy to worship my body. Younger guys are all about “getting to the good part”. They haven’t been taught to appreciate their partner’s needs. Well . . . → Read More: MILF Mistress Layla Guest Post

Edging To Exhaustion Report

I want you to edge!


I recently gave an Edging to Exhaustion Challenge to my blog readers, and I must tell you how very much I love getting reports on my assignments!

A wonderful slave to me, My e asked Mistress permission to do this task, and I allowed him to because . . . → Read More: Edging To Exhaustion Report

Weekend On The Edge

I want you to edge like Jack!

Can You Edge Like Jack?

You all know now what happens when you have an unauthorized orgasm on Ms. Delia’s watch! That last day, when I edged Jack over and over? Well, my poor sub didn’t know if I was going to keep tormenting him or . . . → Read More: Weekend On The Edge

Why Try Cuckold Phone Sex?

I have to say, of all the fantasies you guys call me with and want to experience, being cuckolded has got to be in the top 3. Everyone who calls and wants to experience a cuckold fantasy has a different reason, but I think there are three that top the list

Why do . . . → Read More: Why Try Cuckold Phone Sex?

Jack’s Cum-uppance

So, as you all know, Jack treated himself to an early Christmas present – and I caught him ! So it was time to remind him just who it is who controls his cock!

What do you think? Did I let Jack cum?

A Week Of Chastity

If you read my post about . . . → Read More: Jack’s Cum-uppance