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Worship My Feet

How To Worship My Feet

Worship Her Legs and Feet

Foot and Leg WorshipIf Your Into Feet, This Is For You

You know why I like my foot fetishists?  Let me tell you.  You all love seeing your Femdom in high heels.  You love how sexy it makes me look.  But, here’s a secret – standing and walking around in those skyscraper heels freakin’ hurts!  Sissies, back me up on this.  Feet were not meant to be stuffed into shoes with skinny 6-inch heels!  So, when I’ve had a long day in those things, it’s great to kick back in my throne, and have a naked foot slave kneeling, ready to worship my feet!

Start With Your Hands Rubbing Those Feet

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I know, foot slave, you so desperately want to kiss and lick them, but you haven’t earned that yet!  Okay, maybe a quick little smooch right on the instep, just to show me your devotion.  Start by giving my feet a sensual massage, running your hands all over them, kneading into those sore muscles, working that beautiful high arch.  That feels so good!  Don’t forget the toes, work out every kink in them with those strong hands.  That is so divine…

Now You May Kiss My Feet

No, I was not sleeping!  I was just relaxing.  Anymore sass out of you, and you won’t get the reward you’ve earned!  Yes, my desperate foot slut, you can kiss them.  Make sure you cover every inch, and suck those toes into your mouth.  Can you taste the sweat?  Isn’t it wonderful?  Do a good job, and I might just have you lay back and give you a long, teasing foot job!

12 comments to Worship My Feet

  • Ms Cooper

    Great blog post Ms Delia, I agree 6″ heels need to come off and feet need to be worshiped and done in a perfect fashion. I love my feet rubbed kissed and licked by a sub on his knees. One of the many ways to show devotion and obedience to me and for me. Of course he knows that my feet are all that he will touch unless at a later time full body worship is in order, at my command of course.

  • kneel cc

    Oh Mistress, Thanks for such a wonderful visual…You in those beautiful stilettos…or even Your trust running shoes…makes me swoon! Might i be next? 😉

    It is true Mistress, i know my place, naked, kneeling at Your feet, impatiently awaiting Your instructions on when i might touch, massage, and kiss Your gorgeous appendages. Sensing Your energy to discern every knot and tightness to apply just the right amount of pressure to melt that stick of butter and have that aching tenseness spread out in total relaxation. i trust You are even sensing a bit of my energy warming those feet and gently wrapping them with a nice buzz as i indulge myself in connecting with You and dwell on such precious memories.

  • Empress Delia

    Such a great point, Ms Cooper!! True devotion.

  • Empress Delia


    Yes, you sure do have quite a knack with an energy massage. It truly does work out the kinks 🙂 …Well not ALL My kinks, lol!

  • mer

    Great post Ms. Delia! I truly enjoyed the conversation and the thoughts I will lie down with thinking of being at your feet.
    I ABSOLUTELY love a woman’s foot after being in heels all day or even after a workout in gym shoes and socks. Eating the little puffs or whatever you want to call them from your sweaty toes.
    Sweet and salty… YES YES YES!!!
    ~mer mer

  • Empress Delia

    I know this about you mer mer. You would make a lovely foot pet/slave!

  • Oh, we do suffer for beauty on those heels, don’t we ladies? Reading about the sumptuous foot worship you favor made me flex and stretch my toes in sympathetic relaxation! I like it when a foot slave sucks my toes until the joints crack. *giggle* And then once my feet are perfectly relaxed and worshiped, nothing makes as good a foot rest as the topography of a slave’s face!

  • Oh that lucky foot slave to be able to kiss your feet at the end. Of course it is appropriate that he should have to earn his reward!

    I know what you mean about those killer heels. I do so love how they make our legs look so lean and long, but my tootsies are pleading with me by day’s end for some relief. I think I shall have to look for my own personal foot slave….now you have me thinking!

  • what a great foot worship post!! I think it is super important we have our submissive pets learn how we each like it to be done so many pets just try to dive right in and suck those sexy toes but no no no massage rub and please me with those finger tips and if I am happy then they get the pleasure or oral worship of those pretty feet…..great post!!

  • Empress Delia

    Agreed Ms. Rachel! You and I do think alike about foot worship!

  • Empress Delia

    I highly recomment a personal foot slave, Ms. Layla! They are so easily rewarded every now and then with a silky foot job 😉

  • Empress Delia

    Exactly, Ms. Constance!!

    First the blissful massage and foot bath, and those licks and sucks are EARNED through a perfect massage! I like your style!

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