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Masturbation Toys

Try Some Masturbation Toys!! VibeRite Hammerhead Male Attachment by Stockroom

Masturbation Can Get Boring

Even with all my Masturbation Monday posts, even when we’re on the phone and I guide your masturbation and give you new and interesting ways to stroke that cock, masturbation with just your hand can get so boring! Adding . . . → Read More: Masturbation Toys

How Much Can You Edge and Ruin?

A Tease Pet’s Limit

Last week, I wrote about ruining a man forever with ruined orgasms, and then I had an interesting call the other night. A submissive stroker called me and wanted to find out just what his limits were in being teased, edged, ruined, and denied. YUM! That just spoke to my . . . → Read More: How Much Can You Edge and Ruin?

Small Penis Humiliation Mantras

Repeat after me, pindick…

I Truly Do Love My Small Penis Pets

Remember when I had all you pindicks sending me pictures of your tiny little appendages? I laughed hard for weeks! Having small penis pets is just so much fun – not because I can do anything with those oversized clits, but . . . → Read More: Small Penis Humiliation Mantras

Hot And Wet Masturbation

Hot and Wet Masturbation

DIY Masturbation Toy

After my last post on masturbation toys, one of my callers reminded me how I had instructed him in making a masturbation sleeve out of a hotel wash cloth, because sometimes you forget your toys on the road – or the TSA confiscates them! So this . . . → Read More: Hot And Wet Masturbation

Ruined Orgasm

I wonder if I could ruin you forever?

Can You Ruin A Man With Ruined Orgasms?

I received a very interesting email the other day:

Dear Ms. Delia

Do you think you can ruin a man’s orgasms by ruining every single one? Like, if you ruined every orgasm he had, would he, ultimately, . . . → Read More: Ruined Orgasm