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Vote: Should panty puppet cum?

I have this loyal pet I call panty puppet.  He has a small little 5″ penis that cums really fast.  To try and cure him of his lack of stamina, and to punish him for his smallness, and his compulsive masturbation, every once in a while, I put him on a very intense edging . . . → Read More: Vote: Should panty puppet cum?

Ladder Stroking

Happy Masturbation Monday! Get ready for Ladder Stroking, a new technique for you to learn for stroking masturbation fun!

Ladder Stroking

Today’s guided masturbation game is called Ladders.  It really isn’t ladder stroking, more like ladder edging.  And all you need is your hard cock, some lube and your hand.  Start stroking for me.  . . . → Read More: Ladder Stroking

Blue Balls Weekend

I have a blue balls weekend planned for you! As you all know, Ms. Delia LOVES giving extreme cock control for blue balls by giving repeated edging, and repeated denial. After a while of cock stroking, edging, and being denied, oh that wonderful ache begins to spread through your ball sack, until it’s in . . . → Read More: Blue Balls Weekend

The Masturbation Dice Game Challenge

What is The Masturbation Dice Game Challenge? Oh it is FUN! I assure you! You need to go online and find a random number generator or dice rolling program.  You either need to choose random numbers between one and ten, or roll 10 sided dice.

How to Play the Masturbation Dice Game


Play . . . → Read More: The Masturbation Dice Game Challenge

Mistress Of The Week Teasing Challenge

Mistress of The Week

Mistress Of The Week

Did you know that this week – May 18th to May 24th I am LDW’s featured Mistress of The Week. What’s that mean for you? Well, two things. One is, if you do a call with me – and after I tell you the second . . . → Read More: Mistress Of The Week Teasing Challenge