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Blue Balls Weekend

I have a blue balls weekend planned for you! As you all know, Ms. Delia LOVES giving extreme cock control for blue balls by giving repeated edging, and repeated denial. After a while of cock stroking, edging, and being denied, oh that wonderful ache begins to spread through your ball sack, until it’s in the pit of your stomach.  You know you love that aching blue ball feeling!

fetishes, Freaky Fetish Friday

You will have blue balls!

A Better Technique

While edging will get those balls aching and blue, I much prefer making you peak.  You see, my experience with you teased strokers – and more so with Jack – is that prolonged edging really gets the pre-cum flowing!  And that pre-cum tends to – shall we say – relive the pressure in that swollen sac.  So you don’t really get the full effect of blue balls.

Stroke To A Peak

You all know how much I like my number line for stroking.  1 is you just got hard, 5 is you’re one stroke away from cumming.  When directing a stroke toy to peak, I want them to stay between 3 and 4.  If they’re leaky sluts, there will still be some pre-cum, but not nearly as much as being edged.  And with an edge, so few of you are able to ride it, and beg me to stop stroking – if only for a few seconds – and I HATE stopping.   You can peak, and stay there, nearly indefinitely.  We may have to slow down your stroking – you don’t want to go over the 4! – but we can keep stroking.  And that just makes those balls bluer and more achy!

So this weekend, stroke and edge until you have achieved a nice blue balls ache!

Then Beg for Mistress Delia to let you release!

4 comments to Blue Balls Weekend

  • kneel cc

    Oh Mistress, yet another tormenting tease technique. YES!!! And thanks for not making me wait all weekend to rid those aching blue balls that always develop for me daily from Your perpetual energy zings and zaps throughout the day.

    Thank You for being such a benevolent Mistress to me.

  • Empress Delia

    Welcome, kneelcc!

    I wonder if you could endure a full blue balls weekend 😉 Maybe skip an even day for the ache. Maybe we will explore.

  • I wonder how many of your sweet subs are enduring a blue balls weekend right now? 🙂 I love stopping by and seeing your posts Ms. Delia—they’re something of a must read for me. They’re always deliciously kinky and your subs are wonderfully entertaining. Excellent point on peaking, by the way; it’s hard for an edge pet to stay right there on the cusp of orgasm…and if they do, that fabulous ache from their swollen sac gets relieved. Having them stay just one step down keeps them sooooo much more frustrated!

  • Cum_Filled_Balls

    Dear Mistress Delia,

    On Saturday, May 30th, I set aside a day to do a masturbation marathon. The marathon itself lasted about 9 1/2 hours. I only took short breaks to eat, drink, or change the porn video. I started the marathon, where I was looking at various still images for the 1st hour. The remaining 8 1/2 hours were action videos. During this marathon, I was viewing porn videos of many types of genre, mixing it up throughout the marathon. The types of porn that I was watching were straight sex, cock sucking, cum shots, pussy licking, masturbation, girl-on-girl, threesomes (FFM & MMF), and BDSM. I found the girl-on-girl and BDSM quite educational, also, as I was stroking my cock. About 50% of the scenes did involve BDSM, as I am into female domination. I, especially, liked those scenes, where women were whipping both men and women. Those scenes involved some good flogging, as I am into dominant women give me floggings from time to time. The CBT and ball-busting videos were also captivating, as I do have my testicles spanked by my in-person mistresses – maybe once a month. I was even carried away, such that I even used a fly swatter, a short leather strap, and a wooden spoon to spank by own testicles.

    In the end, I was kept in a plateau phase most of the time and maybe reached the edge of orgasm at least 200 times. Certainly more! Here and then, several drops of pre-cum leaked out of my cock; however, I did NOT ejaculate at the end of the 9 1/2 hour session, since I am NOT permitted to cum until July 4th. Between the edging during the masturbation marathon and those swats to my testicles, I had a real case of blue balls. Meanwhile, that cum remained filled up in my balls – which felt sore for a couple days after from those reasonably hard swats. I am looking forward to a future masturbation marathon!

    Thank you for this post!

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