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Stretching for Masturbation

The Pre-Masturbation Back Stretch

Stretch before Masturbating

This position is hot for masturbating, so why not warm up in it? Get on your knees! I LOVE saying that. Sit that ass back on your feet. Lean forward and reach your arms out in front of you and feel the stretch in your back. . . . → Read More: Stretching for Masturbation

Ruined Orgasm Challenge

I believe most people know that I love ruined orgasms! Getting you to the point of no return, then pulling away that pleasure makes me feel so powerful! Watching your face, hearing your whimpers as you realize what has happened. The pleasure leaving you little by little, the realization all . . . → Read More: Ruined Orgasm Challenge

Edging your Cock

Edge And Hold Back Cum

We’re going to train you to tease yourself to multiple edges – and to ride those orgasmic edges and maintain that

Mistress Delia

feeling.  Get naked and get comfortable, then start stroking your hard, throbbing cock.  Here’s my guidance on that – stroke however makes you feel good and . . . → Read More: Edging your Cock

Beyond Edging with Tantra

Those who read even a few of my blogs know the immense pleasure and excitement i get teasing and tormenting callers to push their limits of endurance in prolonged edging sessions and turning them into desperate “Blue Ballers” begging and pleading for release by the end of our sessions.

Recently, i have been partaking . . . → Read More: Beyond Edging with Tantra

Wake up Masturbating with Ms. Delia

Wake up masturbating with Ms. Delia on the Masturbation Monday

Some of you like to get naked when you call your Phone Sex Masturbatrix, kneel on the floor and pull that pud.  Some of you sit in a chair while you’re jerking it with one hand and working the keyboard with the other.  Now, this stroking technique . . . → Read More: Wake up Masturbating with Ms. Delia