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How Long Can you Endure Cockteasing

How Long Can you Endure Cockteasing?

I am a Cocktease through and through, and I love to just tease and deny your cock when your jerk it for me. But what do I like the best about cockteasing? I love (and that IS an understatement!) the teasing, and I can’t keep teasing you if you cum, now . . . → Read More: How Long Can you Endure Cockteasing

Kay Marie Cuckold Guest Post

Hi Everyone! I am Mistress Kay Marie. Anyone who knows me knows I just adore cuckolds. It just warms my heart the amount attention they show to their wives/girlfriends’ needs. They believe wholeheartedly their ladies deserve nothing but the best and will stop at nothing to make sure they get it.

Of all the . . . → Read More: Kay Marie Cuckold Guest Post

Masturbation Monday Truth or Dare

Masturbation Monday Truth or Dare

Because I love being a Masturbatrix, and I do love a good game, and often with masturbation games I love to leave things up to fate. We will get a bit of cock teasing good fun with this game! You remember Truth Or Dare, right?

But here is the . . . → Read More: Masturbation Monday Truth or Dare

Discipline Vs. Punishment

Do you need to be disciplined? Or punished?

Discipline And Punishment Are Not The Same Things

The D in BDSM usually stands for Discipline. I get a lot of calls where the sub tells me that want to be punished, but what they really want is discipline. Discipline and punishment are two totally . . . → Read More: Discipline Vs. Punishment

Summer Cock Control Training

Time to take back control of MY cock!

Your Cocks Are Out Of Control

The other day, in between calls, I was talking with some of the other Mistresses here at The Enchantrix Empire, and we’ve noticed a very disturbing trend going on this summer. Your cocks are completely out of control! A . . . → Read More: Summer Cock Control Training