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Nipple Toys

Nipples can be sensitive and so erotic to play with! I love exploring all the different sensations nipple toys have to offer! If you do not have nipple toys, let me suggest a fun one, no not the typical clips and clamps, but something sexy!

Nipple Balls

Nipple Balls are great for scenes . . . → Read More: Nipple Toys

Welcome to Ms. Delia’s Auction

Welcome to Ms. Delia’s Auction! Auction Time is Important!

This auction lasts 48 hours starting today, Sunday, September 27th at NOON EST. It ends Tuesday, September 29th at NOON EST.

What are you bidding to WIN

1st highest bidder WINS: My sexy pink, black and white racerback high low dress above. It is . . . → Read More: Welcome to Ms. Delia’s Auction

Cuckolding Facts

I think it is high time we all learn some simple cuckolding Facts! Mistress Delia is happy to help you learn about cockolding, so you can be the very best cuckold in service to your Mistress and her bull! Erotic cuckolding is all about submitting yourself to the pleasure of you wife, your girlfriend, . . . → Read More: Cuckolding Facts

Masturbation Instructions

Happy Masturbation Monday! Did you read the title and think. “Ms. Delia why do you think I need masturbation instructions?”  Ohhh I bet some of my loyal readers did!

Now I do know, I REALLY know that you all know how to wrap a hand around your cock and stroke it until you reach orgasm.  . . . → Read More: Masturbation Instructions

Tips for Sexual Confidence

Do you need tips for sexual confidence? Sometimes sex can be stressful especially if you are wondering about your performance. And it may not be because you have a small penis or are a premature ejaculator. You may be just fine in the penis department, but need the confidence to make things even hotter! . . . → Read More: Tips for Sexual Confidence