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Foot Worship for Mistress

This fantasy describes a sexy bit of foot worship for Mistress Delia. I have said many times, I have a true fetish for a man with a foot fetish because I LOVE having my feet tended to. So this sexy and sensual foot fantasy is amazing to me, and a great foot fetish guide for you readers!
Worship My Feet

Worship My Feet

The Foot Worship Fantasy

He sat naked on the floor between her legs. Her naked foot rested in his hands. He rubbed the sole across his face with adoration. Rubbing it over his cheeks, down over his nose, across his lips.
He planted a lingering kiss on each toe in its turn as he massaged the top and bottom of her foot. His thumb worked into the sole and over the ball of her foot while the other hand submissively kneaded her heel.
He pushed and pulled her foot stretching tendons and muscle. He moved with gentle pressure from her ankles to toes searching for sore and tender places so he could minister to them. He surrounded her big toe with his mouth and sucked on it and licked it. All the while his fingers worked soothing intimacy on her foot.
He focused attention and adoration on her foot softly whimpering. Despite the discomfort of his cock pressed into the floor, he did not give up his ministrations on the foot he was holding. But it was becoming more and more difficult to concentrate.
Finally, he gently lowered her foot to the floor and reached to begin massaging her other foot.
He could not stifle the moan as he grasped his Mistress ankle and gingerly lifted her foot off of his raging hard penis.
As his cock throbbed he began rubbing her foot across his face.

Your Fantasies

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2 comments to Foot Worship for Mistress

  • Mistress Amber

    This is the perfect season for foot worship, Miss Delia. Between all the shopping, parties and running around, a Mistress spends a hell of a long time on her feet. Not to mention fitting in those workouts just to stay fit….more footwork! There’s nothing like coming home after a long day of festivities and social fun and having a luxurious foot worship session!

  • sph

    Though never a foot fetishist, just worshipping the feet from a lowly subhuman place, unworthy of anything more, scenes like these are a tremendous turn on. Great post Empress!

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