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Penis Size Beliefs

Penis Size Beliefs Men Crack Me up with their Penis Size Beliefs!

So I’m sitting in bed the other night, idly stroking and teasing Jack’s cock.  No, literally.  I had him gagged with a pair of my panties, blindfolded and he had earbuds in playing just white noise.  So basically, all he could do was focus on . . . → Read More: Penis Size Beliefs

Little Rich The Cuckold

Little Rich The Cuckold Learned his Place AGAIN!

Once upon a time, I wrote a blog about Little Rich the Cuckold Bitch, and how his cuck fantasy became reality! Reality was tough for Rich as he was introduced to the wonderful world of being a full-service cuckold. Happily over time, he really learned his . . . → Read More: Little Rich The Cuckold

Aftercare for Submissives

Aftercare for Submissives Aftercare for Submissives MUST Happen After You’ve Been Dominated

Last month, I wrote about making a sub drop kit.  Now sometimes, sub drop is inevitable.  It was a really intense scene, or it brings up some emotions you need to process.  I have found however, that with good aftercare, if sub drop can’t . . . → Read More: Aftercare for Submissives

New Audio Store for Ms. Delia Cravings

There is a New Audio Store for Ms. Delia Cravings How Do You Get Your Femdom Fix When I’m Away?

So many of you sluts, pervs, submissives and strokers want to talk to me – it’s really very flattering!  With so many of you demanding my attention, sometimes I’m just not always available when . . . → Read More: New Audio Store for Ms. Delia Cravings

Submissives Crave Humiliation

All Submissives Crave Humiliation

It’s true.  To some extent, every submissive wants to be humiliated.  It may not be hardcore humiliation, but you all want just a bit of embarrassment, just a bit of teasing.  You may be thinking, “I just like to be teased,” but when you get right down to it, even cockteasing is humiliation.  . . . → Read More: Submissives Crave Humiliation