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You Need a Gag

You Need a Gag

I know I’ve always said how much I love to hear my sluts beg…but lately, your begging is too much, and you need a gag!  It starts from the moment I allow you to begin stroking, right through until I tell you to put your cock away. Well, slut, what did you expect?  You didn’t think I was going to let you cum, did you?  When that RedDress - Copybegging is really getting out of hand, I have ways to mute you!

The Ball Gag

I have a whole bunch of ball gags in my collection.  Your standard, rubber ball gag that splits your lips and keeps you quiet.  I have some submissives who think they won’t be able to breathe with a ball stuffed in their mouth, so I have perforated ones for them. Those are not as effective at keeping them quiet, but it does limit their begging somewhat.  And then, I have a special one that has one hole right through the center of it – perfect for pouring your cum into a funnel and right down your throat!

The Penis Gag

Now, you might think I use my penis gags on my cocksuckers. But, think about (reverse psychology)!  My penis gags are for those submissives who tell me they would never suck cock!  I used to think that they stopped begging because they were turned off by the thought of sucking cock, but they would actually get harder!  I guess all that dick filling their mouth keeps them silent!

The Panty Gag

I have been known to be out playing with a kinky playmate away from my dungeon and my toy chest.  They start begging, I start feeling they are TOO loud, and there’s no gag readily available.  Oh, wait, yes there is, MY panties!  Now, I often use my damp panties! Why? It makes them even hornier and more desperate to cum when every breath is filled with my scent and the taste of me.  What’s really hot, especially with panty bois and the slave girls I play with?  Stuffing their own wet panties in their mouth!

4 comments to You Need a Gag

  • Mistress Amber

    I’ve played with a real whore that loves being gagged but doesn’t use any of your methods that you list above…..but he still gets the job done. He actually uses a belt inside his mouth and wrenched tight around his head. Hey, whatever works! It’s hard not to laugh at his lips that are pressed up against his face and that wide leather belt that keeps him from speaking. I like him alot more when he can’t talk!

  • Delia

    I love a belt gag, Ms Amber!

    Your whore sounds really fun!!

  • My absolute favorite is using my panties for a gag. You’re right Ms. Delia, they do seem to get very excited about that one. It is very difficult to speak though with a mouth full of cloth! If I am feeling very devious, I make the sub take off their own underwear for me to shove in their mouth :).

  • ~chanting~ Penis gag, penis gag, penis gag! ~laughs~ That is one of my absolute favorite sex toys and domination items because it’s just so …. well, it’s beyond naughty and certainly gets pet or slave ready for cocksucking!

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