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Some Final Tease & Denial Thoughts

Some Final Tease & Denial Thoughts

Okay, really not “final”, just what I’ve written so far.  I figured I’d leave you all to ponder this for the next couple of weeks….

Avoiding Teasing Habits

Edge for me on Camera!

Do you know about this thing called the “power of three”? In our lives, . . . → Read More: Some Final Tease & Denial Thoughts

Creating A Cum Eater

Creating A Cum Eater You Get Hot Watching Women

I’m going to have you eating your cum for me.  Just imagine all this scene for a moment: Maybe you’ve gotten lucky and made out with a girl -or- you’ve been watching some hot lesbian porn most likely the hot lesbian porn! – all of . . . → Read More: Creating A Cum Eater

A Cuckold Sissy

A Cuckold Sissy A Cuckolding Journey

You are Cuckolded, Sissy!

Your hot wife has been cuckolding you for a long time now.  It started out with you waiting in breathless anticipation until she came home to tell you all about what she and her lover did.  Then, she started bringing them home, and . . . → Read More: A Cuckold Sissy

What Straight Men Need To Know About Pegging

What Straight Men Need To Know About Pegging

Come to my office. Sit in a chair because we need to talk about why anal play and pegging are ok!

You Can Be Straight And Still Enjoy Anal Play

That is one of those enduring myths about male anal play, that the only way . . . → Read More: What Straight Men Need To Know About Pegging

Hotel Room Cocktease

Hotel Room Cocktease

Recently, Jack was able to take me along on one of his business trips…and I had a bit of an adventure while he was out!  I was going to meet him and some of his work peeps for an elegant dinner…and I found a “peep” of my own – a Peeping . . . → Read More: Hotel Room Cocktease