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Trusting A Mistress

Trusting Mistress

Trust is crucial in BDSM. Trust is the foundation your D/s relationship is based on. I personally strive to build trust here and in my personal life, because without trust, there can be no true dynamic. Without trust, a session is just fun sensations and fantasies shared until we hang up. Trust . . . → Read More: Trusting A Mistress

Cock Control Gift

A Week of Cock Control

It’s time for you to give yourself a gift, a gift of cock control for a whole week, in fact! It is a proven fact that masturbation training can help you to have a more sexy and intense experience, and strengthen and intensify your orgasms.

Cock Control Training Review . . . → Read More: Cock Control Gift

The Stroke Tease Begins

The Stroke Tease Begins

Are you following the sexy stroke tease story by me and Ms Olivia? Here is part 3 for your stroking pleasure! Enjoy and do leave comments and you might find YOUR scenes and ideas in another sexy cocktease audio series!

The Story Continues…

It’s been a few weeks, and after Ms. . . . → Read More: The Stroke Tease Begins

Embrace Your Feminine Desires

Feminine Desires

Do you have feminine desires that you are dying to share? Those secret desires to be feminine can be overwhelming! The desire to wear soft, sensual, and pretty things can drive you mad. You need to give in and embrace your feminine self.

There are lots of things you can do to . . . → Read More: Embrace Your Feminine Desires

Peek Into My D/s Bedroom

From time to time, I offer my readers a peek into my D/s Bedroom. I am doing that today with a scene I recently enjoyed with my subby hubby, Jack. In fact, I will let him describe our fun in his own words. Every D/s scene is unique and quite naughty!

I hope you enjoy . . . → Read More: Peek Into My D/s Bedroom